SUMA, Reveal New Details About Upcoming Anniversary Reissues!

Malmö Sludge & Doom Heavyweights, SUMA, Reveal New Details About Upcoming Anniversary Reissues!

Malmö, Sweden-based outfit SUMA has been spreading the plague of their sonic weight, doom-ridden hallucinatory noiserock, over the world for the past two decades. To celebrate their 20th band anniversary in style, the sludge and doom heavyweights are reissuing their impressive back catalogue through Argonauta Records. Following SUMA‘s longtime sold-out debut and their 2006- magnum opus, Let The Churches Burn in June 2021 ( find out more HERE! ), today the band has revealed new details about more exciting re- releases coming out in early December!

With a strong DIY- mind since their early days, SUMA has released most of their music through their own label imprint Speakerphone Recordings, they’ve managed to tour through their own booking manpower, but have always appreciated the support of the kindred spirits with labels and agencies along the way. The heavy four- piece released four highly acclaimed full- length records, several splits and two live cassettes to date. They toured extensively around Europe through the years, parts of the US and Russia, sharing stages with bands alike Entombed, Yob, Sunn O))), High on Fire, Electric Wizard, Bongzilla, Disfear, Big Business and Pallbearer, and played some of the renowned festivals of their genre such as Roadburn, Desertfest Berlin and London.

To celebrate 20 years of SUMA, the Italian label and home to the band‘s latest release Argonauta Records, has started to reissue the band’s highly collectable back catalogue over this summer, and continues the anniversary party with the crushing re- releases of Ashes and The Order Of Things!

SUMA‘s third album, Ashes, was recorded in September 2009 by esteemed producer/engine-ear Billy Anderson (Eyehategod, Acid King, Bell Witch, Amenra). It was the last album with their original singer who resigned in 2011.

The CD was released on the band‘s own label imprint Speakerphone Recordings in 2010, while Throne Records released it as a double vinyl album (and repressed in 2012), which featured a bonus vinyl-only track. A second press of the CD was released by Swedish Death/Black Metal label Regain Records. Ashes came with different artworks for the 2LP and CD releases, while the vinyl was created by renowned artist, Stephen Kasner (1970-2019), who unfortunately left this realm way too soon. He created album artworks for Sunn O))), Marduk, Skullflower, Integrity among others. 

Ashes will be re- released as an anniversary jewelcase CD, containing the yet vinyl-only bonus track Wornout… Marked for Death… Burn Your Flag!, on December 3, 2021 via Argonauta Records, and will feature both the original CD and vinyl artwork.


1 Headwound

2 Ashes

3 Orissa

4 Justice

5 War, on Drugs

6 Wornout… Marked for Death… Burn Your Flag!

Furthermore, SUMA has announced to reissue their fourth and latest album The Order Of Things.

Once again recorded with Billy Anderson and released in 2016, the album sold out in within just a couple of months. The Order Of Things was released as a double-vinyl album, CD and cassette; the CD seen the light of day through Argonauta Records while the 2LP was once again released by Throne Records. In the US, the album was released by Init Records and on Tape via Tartarus Records.

Slated for a reissue on December 3, 2021, The Order Of Things will be also available as an anniversary jewel-case CD through Argonauta Records!


1 The Sick Present

2 Bait For Maggots

3 R.P.A.

4 Being And/Or Nothingness

5 Education For Death

6 Disorder of Things

7 The Greater Dying

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SUMA is:

BJW – bass/voice
UPS – guitar
RKP – noise/samples
NEGP – drums