SURVIVE Reveal Video Trailer for Special Performance Stream Event On June 12th!

Tokyo based “Samurais from Hell” SURVIVE – active in the world for 20+ years – will stream their first special performance “SURVIVE LIVE AT DEATH VALLEY” taking place on June 12th! Today the band has revealed a cool video trailer of the performance, watch it here:

SURVIVE’s frontman Nemo stated:
“Creation and destruction, the strongest streaming live ever! The entire trailer is finally unleashed!!!  This is a movie that goes beyond streaming live! EyeWitness the moment.”


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With numerous gigs home and abroad under their belt, SURVIVE continued to expand their base in spite of the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Last summer they released their first digital single “The Road to Hell is Paved by Goodwill”.  In addition, on YouTube, they have streamed live talk sessions of all members, as well as playthrough videos of guitar and drums.

And finally, they are streaming a live performance!  Entitled “SURVIVE LIVE AT DEATH VALLEY”, the event will showcase the band at a magnificent setting of a 50-meter precipitous cliff.  With the beauty constantly next do death, the location radiates the energy of wild nature, precisely creating the atmosphere of “death valley”.  

Instead of “live streaming”, the performance will be pre-recorded, edited and go through production before getting streamed.  The band is right in the making of the full-length video right now.  NEMO on vocal/guitar says:
“In the current circumstances where is has become difficult to actually experience our sound live at venues, we decided to do this because we wanted to offer a special experience for our fans, something different from our usual gigs, by streaming a thoroughly produced visual and audio work of art.”  

The performance will feature eight songs including “HUMAN MISERY” from 2015 and the latest single “The Road to Hell is Paved by Goodwill”, along with the behind-the-scenes documentary footage of the dress rehearsal and an interview with the band.  


In September 2020, SURVIVE released worldwide their digital EP and single “The Road to Hell is Paved by Goodwill”, feat. VENOM INC‘s Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan. Watch the official music video, here:

Download and buy the single here:
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The EP includes also a re-recorded new version for “Rules of Lies” from “Human Misery” album (2015).


Tokyo’s Thrash Heroes SURVIVE – active in the world for over 20 years – have forged their own indelible path within the jmetal scene. It was back in 1998, when former Death File guitarist and mastermind Nemo decided to form a thrash metal band of his own which soon became the juggernaut known as SURVIVE. Over the next two decades the band have played many big festivals (Loud Park, Beast Fest, Multiplex-motorbike event, Korean Live Rock, Formoz Festival, Asia Metal Festival, Dongducheon Rock Festival, Trendkill Extreme Feast, etc) and toured all over the world with acts such as Behemoth, United, Killswitch Engage, Dope, Pulling Teeth, Testament, Outrage, Anthrax, Hatebleed, Napalm Death, Amon Amarth, Venom Inc, At The Gates, to name just a few, cementing their place in Japanese metal history. Still going strong, SURVIVE‘s latest album “Immortal Warriors” was released to the Japanese market on September 12th, 2018 and a year later, on September 24th 2019, the album is out worldwide via Sliptrick Records. SURVIVE have lost none of their verve and “Immortal Warriors” is an absolute must for fans of this fantastic, often overlooked band.

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Band-photo by Ko-ichi Mukoyama

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