Swedish hard rock outfit THE RIVEN release summer single “Fly Free”!

Swedish rockers The Riven return with a brand new single. “Fly Free” is a retro-influenced heavy metal track with memorable choruses and powerful vocals, performed with tons of live-rock energy. The single is the third one from The Riven’s sophomore studio album “Peace and Conflict”, set for release on The Sign Records later in 2022. 

The band comments: 

Fly Free is an homage to a summer on the road! Prepare for 4 minutes of rock that will make your car radio purr! With twin guitars and a bass line that knows no bounds. You will be singing along to this one all summer long!

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The Riven are:

Totta Ekebergh (Vocals) 

Arnau Diaz (Guitar) 

Joakim Sandegård (Guitar)

Max Ternebring (Bass)

Jussi Kalla (Drums)

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