Swedish Metal Vikings BROTHERS OF METAL Reveal First Song Of Upcoming, New Album ‘Fimbulvinter’!

[photo: George Grigoriadis]

November 1, 2024 will see BROTHERS OF METAL return with their brand new album entitled ‘Fimbulvinter’! The band’s third studio offering will be available through AFM Records, the pre-sale has just started at: https://shop.afm-records.de/brothers-of-metal/ 

A first single is now streaming below!

The Swedish collective recorded 13 new album tracks, that feature the typical mythological Nordic focus of BROTHERS OF METAL, in addition, there are songs such as today’s premiere of ‘Heavy Metal Viking’, which are rather unusual for BoM. Says vocalist Mats Nilsson: “‘Heavy Metal Viking’ has a sort of 80s southern hard rock feel, which is far from what you’d expect us to be doing.”

Heavy Metal Viking’ is now available on all streaming providers at

Watch the music video premiering here: 

BROTHERS OF METAL are a spectacular phenomenon on the international metal scene, their catchy yet powerful songs and martial outfits, including archaic weaponry, paying homage to both heavy metal and the Norse gods. Their first two album releases ‘Prophecy Of Ragnarök’ (2017) and ‘Emblas Saga’ (2020) have earned the Swedish band an outstanding reputation, and now BROTHERS OF METAL are ready to take the next step: Their forthcoming studio album ‘Fimbulvinter’ showcases all of the eight-piece’s strengths, but also includes some significant new elements. “The core sound is still there, but we’ve also evolved as songwriters, so the songs have more depth and width than before,” Nilsson points out. “Our songs follow the same themes as before even though we’ve ventured into new territories and explored new stories, as it were. We always aim to have one song that fits everyone on each album, with the result that our hymns tend to sound like a lot of different genres of metal. That’s how we like it. We’re Brothers of Metal, we can play whatever we want to!”

Most of the songs for the record were penned by guitarist Dawid Grahn and singer Ylva Eriksson. The other band members were also involved in the songwriting process, namely Mats Nilsson and Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson (both vocals), guitarist Pähr Nilsson, bassist Emil Wärmedal, drummer Johan Johansson and some additions from new live guitarist Christian Larsson. ‘Fimbulvinter’ was recorded at the Massiv Musik’s Studio in Mockfjärd, Sweden and, like its predecessors, produced by Erik Berglund. Artist Sallai Péter contributed the cover design again, emphasising the tracks’ Nordic flair visually. Speaking of which, if you can’t wait to see BROTHERS OF METAL live on stage, you will have the opportunity to do so from November 1, 2024, when the band embarks on an extensive European headline tour through nine countries, alongside selected festival appearances this summer (find all tour dates below)! 

Finally, one question remains to be answered: What exactly is a ‘fimbulvinter’? Mats Nilsson explains: “Fimbulvinter is ‘the great winter’ in Norse mythology. A winter that is colder and darker than all other winters and lasts for three years. It’s one of the first significant indications that Ragnarök is coming.”

Pre-Order ‘Fimbulvinter’ HERE!

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Ylva Eriksson (vocals)
Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson (vocals)
Mats Nilsson (vocals)
Dawid Grahn (guitar)
Pähr Nilsson (guitar)
Emil Wärmedal (bass)
Johan Johansson (drums)
Christian Larsson (live/guitar) 

21.06.24 – NL, Graspop Metal Meeting
30.06.24 – FIN, Tuska
03.07.24 – GER, Rockharz
17.08.24 – GER, Summerbreeze
01.11.24 – PL, Krakow, Kamienna 12
02.11.24 – CZ, Prague, Club Storm
03.11.24 – HUN, Budapest, Barba Negra
04.11.24 – A, Vienna, Szene
06.11.24 – GER, Munich, Backstage
07.11.24 – GER, Frankfurt, Batschkapp
08.11.24 – GER, Leipzig, Hellraiser
09.11.24 – GER, Berlin, Hole 44
11.11.24 – GER, Hamburg, Markthalle
12.11.24 – GER, Bochum, Zeche
13.11.24 – GER, Cologne, Live Music Hall
14.11.24 – GER, Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
15.11.24 – CH, Solothurn, Kofmehl
17.11.24 – F, Paris, La Maroquinerie
18.11.24 – F, Lille, Le Black lab
20.11.24 – UK, London, 02 Academy Islington
21.11.24 – NL, Tilburg, 013


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