Sweeping Death Releases Music Video For “The World As Will”

Music Video from one of the hottest, most original & most promising German acts!

Progressive Heavy Metal of the upper league!

Thoughtful, philosophical concept!

Official music video Premiere: Sept. 10, 2021

Michelle Huith, Jasper Hinz & Michael Mergenthaler @ Hochschule Augsburg • Germany

Lead vocalist Elias Witzigmann comments:
“It is with great pleasure that we present to you the new video for ‘The World As Will‘, the opener of our new EP ‘Tristesse‘. This video was made during the lockdown. Friends of ours were looking for a topic for their final thesis in interactive media and asked us if we would like to do a project together.

So each of us individually went to Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in the spring of 2021 to get filmed. It was a strange feeling not to be able to do such a project together. In the end, however, this circumstance only underlines the theme of the song: ‘The World As Will‘ tells of the beginning of a journey, out of the dark, first level to a more enlightened, almost divine sphere. A transformation process within, which everyone can only begin and end within themselves.

We have deliberately chosen a black and white video to visualize the darkness and also uncompromisingness of the first level. So in the course of the video, depending on the part, gloomy passages also alternate with sublime nature scenes. We are damn excited how you like it and invite you to start your own journey with ‘The World As Will’.”

Philosophical power trip ❗

The new EP “Tristesse” represents the band’s third release, and although the recording started during the Covid pandemic, shortly after their last LP “In Lucid” (2018), SWEEPING DEATH already made the decision to release a concept EP next with the thematic focus on the number 3.

In the beginning there was only the number, in the end a concept EP with Arthur Schopenhauer’s “The World As Will And Idea” in thematic focus.
Over the three songs, a journey of the lyrical I is to be described.
Starting from the gloomy, cold and yet close to life first level over a transformation from within to the last, almost divine level.

The number 3 as a constantly recurring concept in nature and philosophy is the anchor point of ‘Tris+esse’ -> word play lat. for three-being. And English/French for sadness.

Band 2021 • 📸 Michael Poganiatz

Elias Witzigmann • Lead Vocals
Simon Bertl • Guitar/Backing Vocals
Markus Heilmeier • Guitar
Andreas Bertl • Bass
Tobias Kasper • Drums/Piano

Musically, the claim was quite clear to write songs that work in a live context. So SWEEPING DEATH reduced the complexity and focused a lot on catchy hooks and haunting melodies. Musically, the EP has dark sides inspired by bands like Mgła, Dissection and Tribulation as well as sublime parts reminiscent of classic Heavy Metal.

The artwork was designed by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Satan, Helloween …) close to the aforementioned band idea of “trinity”. So you see the transformation in three stages also graphically implemented:

Artwork • “Tristesse
🎨 Eliran Kantor


01. The World As Will 07:28 
02. Alter The Rift 05:02
03. Sublime Me 07:29

total: 19:53 min.

Really remarkable is once again the sovereign, sophisticated, graphically high-quality work of guitarist Markus Heilmeier, a real DIY maniac, who made the complete layout of the EP including the CD label and thus made the whole thing a real gem.

This time SWEEPING DEATH recorded all instruments except for the vocals on their own.
So the band had full control over sound and set-up. The mixing was done by Ola Ersfjord (Tribulation, Primordial, Morbus Chron) in Madrid, Spain. Topped off with mastering by Chris Common in El Paso, Texas, the new EP is sound-wise on an international level.