Swiss progressive death metal quintet
Kassogtha release new single, ‘Venom’

FFO: Arch Enemy, Gojira, Machine Head

New album, rEolve, released Autumn 2022

Swiss progressive death metal quintet Kassogtha have revealed their new beast of a track, ‘Venom’. ‘Venom’ invites you to enter the second chapter of Kassogtha‘s forthcoming concept album rEvolve, a chapter that will take you into the darkest parts of its journey. 

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Of ‘Venom’, Stephany comments: 

“’Venom’ is about helplessness and self-hatred, when nothing is controllable anymore, when we’ve decided to surrender to the poison controlling all our behaviours. The song tells of wanting to abandon ourselves to another reality, to forget the present, letting the destructive forces in our life settle in, deliberately. All this while realising that it’s wrong, and hating ourselves for letting it happen.

“To musically match the darkness of the lyrics, ‘Venom’ relies on its dark and heavy atmosphere in place of instrumental technicality. Ultimately, the song is a mix of all our childhood influences, channelling the angry and sombre attitudes of the likes of Korn and Slipknot (Yes, we are 90’s kids).”

Kassogtha place authenticity and sincerity above smoke and mirrors: a genuine metal band for true metal fans that takes the genre further without abandoning its core ingredients. From PinkFloyd to GojiraKassogtha’s no-nonsense brand of groovy progressive death metal combines a variety of influences to create a steamrolling fusion of irresistible riffs, neck-breaking drums and a vocal range covering devastating growls and ethereal melodies.

Kassogtha was brought to life by vocalist-lyricist Stephany and chief songwriter Morty in Geneva, Switzerland. The band’s debut album A New World to Come (2017) was followed by their sophomore EP The Call (2019), where Kassogtha showcased their musical diversity with an edgy cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Welcome to the Machine’. Having shared the stage with the likes of Cellar DarlingSirenia, and TheAgonist across Europe, they will next appear with Triptykon in Lausanne, Switzerland, followed by a string of release shows in the autumn.

On the band’s upcoming concept album rEvolveStephany conquers her inner demons and tells the story of an endless self-destructive cycle of fear, anxiety, and jealousy. In a world that normalises negativity, we have forgotten how to be ourselves — and following a pandemic-enforced long, hard look at humanity and society, this is Stephany’s journey of dealing with these emotions. This album is a perfectly timed release valve for two years of isolation, anxiety and grief — a furious expression of frustration with your own inner demons.

On rEvolve, produced at Stockholm’s legendary Fascination Street Studios with David Castillo (CarcassOpethLeprous), LinusCorneliusson (IhsahnAmorphis) and Tony Lindgren (CarcassOpethKatatonia), Kassogtha showcase old school riffs and progressive inspiration, savage grooves and blast beats, creativity and speed, and pure, honest dedication to their craft. 

‘Venom’ is the fourth of a series of new songs leading up to rEvolve, out on Klang Machine Records, the newly-formed heavy music label co-founded by Swiss metal wizard Merlin Sutter (Cellar Darling, ex-Eluveitie).

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