SwitchBacK arrives hitting hard!

SwitchBacK is a crossover band from Brazil which presents a nervous and concise sound, with touches of Punk and Thrash with, flashy riffs and hardcore attitude in the lyrics .
After having closed the cycle of his debut EP “Sobrevivendo ao Caos” (2019), which received excellent reviews from the media and recognition from the public, the quartet formed by Vinny Blanc (voice), Fabio Lannes (guitar), Luciano Munhoz (bass) and Mauro Lopes (drums) recorded at Tellus Studio the 4 song EP,“Batendo de Frente”, launched on 06/11/2021 on all digital platforms (physical media will be available soon).
To promote the new work, the singles “Corrosão” and “Pelo Povo Para o Povo”, were made available, respectively in January and March (2021), obtaining a wide acceptance, both in the Brazilian and international scene, making a buzz for the “Batendo de Frente” release.

On “Corrosão” the singer Vinny Blanc says that his lyrics “are based on the failure of the social molds and human character. The idea is to unlink the 7 capital sins with a spiritual theme and link them only to human survival instincts”.
On the other hand, “Pelo Povo Para o Povo” is a protest against attacks on the constitution, the distortion of historical facts and the distortion of the rights and duties of citizens. Like bassist Luciano Munhoz have said: “the riff is the one that will be fixed in your head and the lyrics are a slap in the face of part of the society”.
Besides the 2 singles, “Batendo de Frente” has two more songs: “Bota a Cara Cuzão”, which portrays the lies of haters and trolls camouflaged in fake digital profiles and “Passa seu Ego Para Cá”, which is inspired by the evils of egocentrism, where social myopia prevents many from seeing that we are all at the same side.

1 – Corrosão (2:25)
2 – Passa Seu Ego Pra Cá (2:26)
3 – Pelo Povo Para o Povo (2:10)
4 – Bota A Cara Cuzão (3:56)
Recording and sound engineering: Caio Mendonça, Felipe Borges, Felipe Araújo (drums) and Marcelo Val (bass)
Mix and Co-production: Caio Mendonça and Felipe Borges
Mastering: Caio Mendonça
Production: SwitchBacK

Voice: Vinny Blanc
Guitar: Fabio Lannes
Bass: Luciano Munhoz
Drums: Mauro Lopes

Backings: Fabio Lannes, Mauro Lopes, Felipe Borges and Ricardo Mattos
Cover Artwork: Gesiel Coelho

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“Corrosão” – Released 01/15/2021 (4.6K views)
“Pelo Povo Para o Povo” – Released on 03/26/2021 (1.9K views)
See also the Making off of the pre-production process of “Batendo de Frente” pre-production – released 10/21/2020 (0.9K views)
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