Sylvestra Bianchi Brings Cosmic Rock Energy in “Dancing with the Elves” Music Video

After the successful launch of the single “Dancing with the Elves” by Sylvestra Bianchi, which has already reached 15,000 views on Spotify, the Brazilian singer launches the video clip inspired by her dream experiences with the elves. Creator of Cosmic Rock, which combines music with spirituality, in this single she invites you to meditate and dance with the energy of the elves of light. Bring the subtle energy of nature with the message and melody that connect the listeners with this magical atmosphere.

The music video brings the magic of the forest with the artist playing an elf with the message and energy of the song. The clip has the special participation of Paulo Stein, acting as Elfo da Luz, known for his makeup and artistic productions. Produced by Igor Kosiski and photographed by Fabiano Guma, the production brings the subtle energy of the elements, translating into video the feelings of meditation, inner connection, and spiritual dance with an elf. The stage is part of Chácara Cinco Elementos Eventos, being the third clip that Sylvestra records in the place.

Regarding the expectations regarding the launch, Sylvestra tells us:
“I hope that by listening to the song and watching the music video, people will feel the subtle energies of nature and be able to harmonize, balance and feel that through nature we can look at life in a more positive and joyful way, keep dreaming, live with lightness and tranquility. It is an invitation to connect with your higher self, with the soul, dancing with elves and anchoring the divine light”.