Sylvestra Bianchi records the punk classic “Should I Stay or Should I Go”

Sylvestra Bianchi records the punk classic “Should I Stay or Should I Go” in a blues rock version

Singer has more than 300,000 auditions on streaming platforms

After four copyrighted singles, Sylvestra Bianchi, the Brazilian singer who created Cosmic Rock, releases a cover version of the song “Should I Stay or Should I Go”, in a more intimate blues rhythm. Song that is hit by Punk Rock Band “The Clash”. The single released on all digital platforms, comes with a video clip, comes with simplicity to highlight the artist’s vocals, with a vintage identity and a hint of sensuality.

Sylvestra’s version has a Blues sound, much closer to its musical sound than to the band’s original track. With his style called Cosmic Rock, Sylvestra works with themes related to spirituality; this happens both in their music and on their social networks. Music and video were produced by renowned Brazilian musician and music producer “Leomaristi”, with his project “Estúdio na Mochila / TV de Bolso”.

Sylvestra, who works on themes related to spirituality in her songs and in communication on social media, in this single she will address issues of insecurities and relationships in general. Remembering that in his songs “Lightworkers” brought the union and the concept of light workers, he spoke of love in “Lemurian Warrior”, wisdom and courage in “Athena” and energetic purification in “Astral Larvae”.

“Should I Stay or Should I Go”: