Symphonic Fantasy Metal Kate Nord Debut Album On December 16

🎥 Official Album Teaser
🗓️ Premiered Dec. 02, 2022
🎬 ⚙️ Video by Kate Nord

KATE NORD is a classically trained Finnish singer/songwriter who creates high quality SYMPHONIC FANTASY METAL in central Italy.

With her versatile, impressively clear as well as amazingly soprano strong exceptional voice, this fabulous golden throat can easily compete with the best and most famous of the entire guild.

“Compass To Your Heart’s Desire” is KATE NORD‘s debut album as a solo artist, with a special guest solo by Timo Tolkki, popular by Finnish Power Metallers Stratovarius.


  1. Recitative To The Moon 01:47
  2. All Alone 03:28
  3. The North Wind And The Troll 03:50
  4. Embrace The Cold 02:59
  5. Wither And Rust (feat. Timo Tolkki) 05:04
  6. Dream Of Daylight 05:37
  7. Breathe In The Night 03:43
  8. Dance Of The Fairies 02:58
  9. Aeternam Vale 04:24

total: 33:50 min.

Artwork • “Compass To Your Heart’s Desire”
🎨 Nicolas Spreutels

▶ 🗓️ Official release: Dec. 16, 2022 ◀

“Compass To Your Heart’s Desire” is inspired by Scandinavian folk tales about trolls and fairies and the illustrations to these tales, such as the works of John Bauer, as well as fantasy novels as well as the works of the world famous fantasy grandmaster J. R. R. Tolkien.

“Compass To Your Heart’s Desire” is embedded in wonderfully powerful Heavy/Power Metal sounds with slamming drums and furious distortion guitars, often bursting with fully melodic, catchy outbursts.

KATE NORD • 2022
📸 Marco Savi • SPF Produzioni

Kate Nord • Vocals, Keys, Orchestration
Francesco Mattei • Guitars
Andrea Arcangeli • Bass
Omar Campitelli • Drums

Her first release as a solo singer was a cover of Howard Blake’s “Walking In The Air” in 2017.
Kate’s musical resume includes formal studies in classical singing in both Finland and Italy.
She began her music studies in Porvoo, Finland with pianist Diana Bärlund, who also taught former Lordi keyboardist Awa (Leena Peisa).

Kate already appeared as a lyricist of the Italian Progressive Power Metal ensemble Noveria since the band’s formation in 2013.
She was also featured as a guest vocalist on Noveria’s album “Forsaken”, released 2016 via Scarlet Records.