Taiwanese black metal band Laang 冷 reveal new single

Taiwanese black metal band Laang 冷
reveal new single ‘Baoyu 暴雨’

New album Riluo out 24th November via Talheim Records 

“Severe and provocative” – New Noise Magazine

Taiwanese black metal band Laang 冷 have revealed their new single ‘Baoyu 暴雨’, from forthcoming LP Riluo, to be released 24th November via Talheim Records.

Pre-order Riluo here: https://laang.bandcamp.com/album/riluo
Stream ‘Baoyu 暴雨’ here: https://laang.bandcamp.com/album/baoyu-single
Watch the lyric video here: https://youtu.be/XbDkMYTcJAo

The band comment: “We are thrilled to unveil the first single from our new album. ‘Baoyu’ discusses bodily trauma through the metaphor of a great drowning flood. The song also expresses the feeling of disconnection from life and others following trauma. ‘Despite my birth and rebirth, my beating heart does not let me live’.”

Laang 冷 (“cold”) are born from an unearthly near-death experience, and the post-traumatic stress suffered by vocalist-guitarist Haitao Yang. The band’s music exquisitely explores the pain, misery, and struggle of trauma and recovery – a unique and highly cathartic project.

Laang 冷‘s musical style combines aggressive and non-canonical black metal riffing with melancholic melodies, tortured vocals performed in Mandarin Chinese, dark orchestras, and traditional erhu & guzheng instrumentation. Haunting and captivating, Laang 冷 provide a highly-charged tormented soundscape – heard throughout the meditative Riluo (“sunset”), with eight new tracks ruminating on death and beyond. 

Although still a relatively new project, Laang 冷‘s list of achievements so far is impressive. Their debut album Haiyang 海洋 (“ocean”) was released in 2019 on Talheim Records, and received the Kaohsiung City National Culture Award, followed by headlining tours through Taiwan and Hong Kong. In 2021 the band released their second album Xinteng 心疼 (“misery”), again on Talheim Records, followed by a headlining North American tour May 2022.

Laang 冷‘s music has also been featured in several movies and video games, including the Hollywood horror film Antidote (2021), directed by Peter Daskaloff, and the video game Dyslite and Silver Squad.

Laang 冷 are:
Haitao Yang – Vocals, guitar, erhu, synthesizers
Willy “Krieg” Tai – Bass

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Riluo tracklisting:
1. Baoyu 暴雨
2. Liuxue de Taiyang 流血的太陽
3. Honghai 紅海
4. Zhemo 折磨
5. Gui Xiang 歸鄉
6. Yequ 夜曲
7. Juren 巨人
8. Riluo 日落