Tech-death titans Xenobiotic stream new video ‘The Wretched Strive’; release new EP

Tech-death titans Xenobiotic release new EP Hate Monolith and stream new video

Hate Monolith EP out now via Unique Leader

‘The Wretched Strive’ video out now

Photo Credit: Joseph Varley / Dark Spirit Photography

Tech-death titans Xenobiotic have released their storming new EP Hate Monolith today, 2nd September, via Unique Leader.

The band have also streamed their new video for ‘The Wretched Strive’ here:

Order Hate Monolith here:

The band comment: “‘The Wretched Strive’ was written to depict the inevitable end state of the human world, the contempt and disgust for our rampant anthropocentric nature, the corrupt and hateful spiritual cancer that continues to consume our species, and the impending future of an unloved world.” 

Xenobiotic are a five-piece progressive death metal outfit from Perth, Western Australia. As the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut full length, PrometheusXenobiotic returned with their earth shatteringly destructive sophomore album Mordrake, unleashed globally through Unique Leader Records.

Mordrake found the group delving further into the band’s unrelentingly crushing technical intensity combined with sickening, ruinous atmospherics that has garnered them attention across the world. The new album was a calamitous, almost uncomfortably bleak listen. With MordrakeXenobiotic have proven that they are a limitlessly extreme band and not for the feint of heart.

The group said of Mordrake

“This album is more than just an arrangement of music. It is our darkest secrets, our worst fears and our most vivid nightmares. It is everything that casts a shadow over us all.”

The 11 track album was recorded and mixed by Matthew Templeman (Make Them SufferVoyager) with mastering by Simon Struthers at Forensic Audio. Artwork for the effort was done by Mariusz Lewandowski (PsycropticBell WitchFuming Mouth).

Following the release of Mordrake, March 2020, Xenobiotic faced the most unfortunate of circumstance for a band, releasing an album at the start of the COVID pandemic. 

While it was a time where the band could not continue on its journey of devastating audiences around the world through touring, Xenobiotic did however sign a partnership with New York based leading international heavy music agency, Extreme Management Group, joining a roster alongside other icons of brutality SuffocationCattle Decapitation, CryptopsyOrigin and more. 

During this time the band would not be stopped, continuing to write and record which has led to the band’s new EP, Hate Monolith. Mixed and mastered by renowned Cryptopsy guitarist and producer, Christian Donaldson (IngestedBeyond CreationThe Agonist) with art by Giannis Nakos at Remedy Design (SuffocationEvergreyThe Agonist) the EP continues to see Xenobiotic tear open ears with maniacal, emotive and progressive death metal brutality and expansive, darkened soundscapes. 

Xenobiotic ARE: 
Nish Raghavan – guitars
TJ Sinclair – vocals
David Finlay – guitars 
Toby Thomas – bass

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