TELMA – “Perfect Storm” from upcoming album “Eternal”


(Watch it here)

Music By Telma
Lyrics By Angelo Kane
Produced and Recorded By George Margaritopoulos
Drums Recorded By Frank TheTank at Mix Studio Thessaloniki
Reamping By Kosta Vreto at Valve Studdioz
Mixed By Angelo Kane at 11 Rock mixing studios
Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios

Listen the song on Spotify here

Telma is a modern metal band based in Greece. They were formed in 2021 driven by their passion for heavy music and a strong purpose to give voice to the inner conflicts everyone is struggling with, through their songs.

Recently the band released their first two video singles titled ” Perfect Storm” and “Bipolar Distress”, from their upcoming debut album ” Eternal”, which will be released on all major formats and also vinyl, followed by their third, self-titled video single.

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