TERAMAZE – New Video and Album Release Day


To Celebrate the new Teramaze Album Release Today! ” I Wonder ” We have just released a new Video for the 3rd single titled ” Ocean Floor ” Click Here: https://youtu.be/OMBO8uDp7nI

October 9th, 2020 – Teramaze announced that their new album ‘I Wonder’ will be released on 9 October 2020 via Wells Music. Today the Australian band will premiere a playthrough video for the first track on the album ‘Ocean Floor’, which was filmed by the band in their home studios. 

Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Dean Wells states; “Ocean Floor is one of the more personal songs on the album based around a story of children going missing and their bodies been discovered at the bottom of the ocean .
This story really shook me because i have dealt with people who have survived being sex trafficked and other horrific things that go with this whole story and hearing these stories first hand actually changed my life.
As a song writer i felt like i needed to express how i felt towards these stories and try make something beautiful out of this devastation .

With‘I Wonder’,  Teramaze have delivered yet another stunning piece of modern progressive metal. It will inevitably build upon the progress achieved by previous releases ‘Her Halo’, and ‘Are We Soldiers’.” I Wonder ” OUT NOW !

The album Available here: https://teramaze.bandcamp.com
And All Digital Platforms.


1. Ocean Floor
2. Only Daylight
3. Lake 401
4. A Deep State Of Awake
5. Here To Watch You
6. Sleeping Man
7. Idle Hands/The Devil’s Workshop
8. RUN
9. This Is Not A Drill
10. I Wonder


Dean Wells – Guitars, Vocals
Andrew Cameron – Bass
Nick Ross – Drums
Chris Zoupa – Guitar