Thais Lyrica: singer comments on the retrofuturistic concept of her outfits

 The singer Thais Lyrica created the character “Ecila”, which is present in her most recent works.  For this, she was inspired by the character and universe of “Alice in Wonderland”, by Lewis Carroll, character of the story behind the conceptual songs, bringing the steampunk concept and the vision of an Alice that in many ways resembles the Thais herself.

 In her authorial works, the artist uses all her knowledge of training in fashion, inserting a retrofuturistic visual concept into her wardrobe.

 But how does she apply all this to her work?  The singer explains: “With my experience with my (clothing) store, I’m trying to handle and coordinate my music career as best as possible in the sense that my music project is also a business/company i.e. my choices intuitive tools to work with marketing and audiovisual as a whole that I apply in my business in which I have training (fashion), I also use the tools I know for my musical career. I believe that fashion and music go together to convey emotions and sensations, I believe that steampunk aesthetics allows us to travel through different eras and steampunk is something inspiring for me, so every artistic concept from the construction of my character ECILA who is a fairy, the cover of my EP that was beautifully designed by Paula Monise, the costumes in my video that I made and produced, even the makeup and hairstyles, everything had my touch and the final decision was always mine and I’m very lucky to have found such kind people and who bought  my idea and they believed in me, all this support made all the difference for this project rich in details to come to fruition”, she concludes.

Photos: Dirceu Santana
Make: Tatiane Bella