Thais Lyrica: Trapézia’s frontwoman releases cover of “Rebirth”, by Angra

Photo: Késsia Carvalho

Thais Lyrica has just put out a cover of “Rebirth”. Why this Angra’s classic in particular? She points out: “Exactly one year ago, I was starting a new stage in my life and it was on ‘ECILA’, my first EP, that I found refuge by showing the world my music and officially revealed myself as an artist.  ‘Rebirth’ means my own rebirth, that’s how I always feel at every stage of my life and nothing better than celebrating this first year of the release of my songs with the energy of this amazing composition”.

And what do the band and the chosen track represent in Thais Lyrica’s life? “Angra and its entire trajectory were with me at several moments of my life. The admiration for Rafa Bittencourt increased in 2019, when I had the privilege of having very close contact during a course I took at that time. I believe that every day we have a chance to forgive ourselves and start over. Every cloud has a silver lining and this is what ‘Rebirth’ means to me, as well as my character, ECILA, a fairy who has the ability to turn into any species and is always being reborn”.

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