The Dead Daisies Release Follow Up Track“BUSTLE AND FLOW”(Live From Daisyland)

Time for a little “BustleAnd Flow (Live From Daisyland)” which was recorded at the legendary Rock Citymusic venue in Nottingham, England last year.

It is the second release from The Dead Daisies ’LIVE FROM DAISYLAND’ series.

“Bustle And Flow (Live From Daisyland)”…is injected with both the power and soul of Glenn Hughes’commanding vocals, attacking riffs, twin guitars and a heavy-hitting pulse of bass and drums catapult this live version of the band’s chart topping single to streaming media services today.
“Always great to play this song live. We had a blast on the UK tour last year and this song totally rocked the crowd.

“Nothing like an energetic audience to inspireus to deliver a full-on dose of ROCK.”–Doug Aldrich

The music video features footage from the twenty-six date Like No Other Tour across the United States, England, and Wales and is a tribute to the Daisies’ truly amazing fan base.

The video mixes epic live footage from the tour as well assome rare behind the scenes moments.

Stream “Bustle And Flow (Live From Daisyland)” on your favourite digital platforms, turn it up, and check out the video as well!

The original album track video was created using unreal engine, and saw the introduction of the bands’ mascot Daisyand, her freaky, dark traveling carnival surrounded by ravens.


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