The Fall of Eve – Nevermore (EP) Album Review

The Fall of Eve – Nevermore (EP)

Album Review By Rainer Kerber


It is remarkable that especially smaller metal bands so try everything in order to pursue their passion. The Fall of Eve, the band around Laura and Micheal Moffat have initiated a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their current EP “Nevermore”. And the musicians from the southern Scottish county of Ayrshire were able to complete this successfully. Thus, the production of the successor to “If Even Angels Fall” (2016) nothing stood in the way, except lineup problems. The only permanent band members are Laura and Micheal. So, it was necessary that session musicians had to help with the recordings. The best known of these is probably the former Evanescence guitarist John LeCompt on bass. He also took care of mixing and mastering the EP. Supporters of the campaign have been able to hear the results since August. All other fans have the opportunity to pre-order the CD on Bigcartel side of the band.

With surprisingly hard guitar riffs “End of Days” starts. Here, the inclusion of a second guitarist is already paying. John LeCompt is also doing a good job on the bass. But they are all overshadowed by Laura’s breathtaking voice. This sounds a bit deeper than last. Vocally, she has grown up. Anyone who has expected a ballad on “Moonlight” will be disappointed. the Scots go here play powerful as well. Impressive here is also the driving drumming. A small but fine guitar solo completes the song. “Our Darkest Hour” is the already anticipated power ballad. The use of strings is often melodic leading. Nevertheless, the sound is not overloaded with bombast. The Fall of Eve also takes time for small industrial gadgets, like a technically alienated vocal part. In “The Raven” they rocke again straightforward. Here double bass attacks and fast riffing ensure high speed. Finally, “Sleepless Night” is a beautiful mid-tempo metal anthem.

Almost three years have passed since the last EP. Three years in which a lot has happened in the life of the two bandleaders. The band itself has probably experienced a steady rise and fall. All the more pleasing is this renewed sign of life. And with this EP tha band has done a great job. In composition, The Fall of Eve are on par with the big bands of the genre. It is regrettable that it will probably only remain a hobby of the couple Moffat. I would be very happy if they manage to put together a lineup and produce a new album with it. Of course, I also would be very happy about the one or the other concert as well.

The Fall Of Eve – Our Darkest Hour:


Laura Moffat (Evangeline) – Vocals
Michael Moffat – Guitars
David Davidson – Lead Guitar
John LeCompt – Bass
Phillip Morrison – Drums

Label: Self released

Out: October 04th 2019

Playing time: 16:47

Track list:

  • End of Days
  • Moonlight
  • Our Darkest Hour
  • The Raven
  • Sleepless Night

Rating : 8/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber