The Ferrymen ‘A New Evil’ Album Review

The Ferrymen ‘A New Evil’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Frontiers RecordsPower/Heavy Metal

Ronnie Romero, Magnus Karlsson and Mike Terrana may currently be some of the busiest men in the metal world; the trio manage to keep themselves occupied with various projects spread out over the course of the year and 2019 sees the return of The Ferrymen with the band releasing their sophomore album ‘A New Evil’ after the success of their eponymous debut album back in 2017.

Sometimes, a band struggles to reach the impact of their debut album, but not with The Ferrymen, ‘A New Evil’ takes what the band had put down as foundations on their debut album and takes it to the next level. This is an album of people who are now more than comfortable working with together and that chemistry prevails. As always, Terrana is solid and superb on the drums, as is Karlsson, his musical knowledge and virtuosity with both the guitars and keyboards provides songs such as ‘Bring Me Home’, ‘Don’t Stand In My Way’ and the title all the energy and memorability they deserve. Yet, once again, it is the vocals of Romero which really push the boundaries; Romero is one of heavy metal’s current best vocalists and with the song writing of Karlsson behind him, Romero is able to soar freely to really show just how good of a vocalist he actually is.

It can be argued that at one point, Romero was spreading himself far too thin, fronting The Ferrymen, Lords of Black and the mighty Rainbow, but when listening to ‘A New Evil’, it blows this theory out of the water, it is Romero which makes this album with his prowling voice that somehow blends the tones of Ronnie James Dio, Russell Allen with Jørn Lande and whilst some of these songs may fall into unmemorable, the sheer powerhouse behind them makes ‘A New Evil’ certainly worth listening to.

Rating : 82/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann