The Giant Baba from Italy Captivates with Epic New Single “The Northern White Sun”

The song portrays a dystopian future where humanity’s relentless quest for power results in the destruction of both itself and nature. Technology-fueled warfare escalates into a catastrophic nuclear conflict, driving the planet to the edge of annihilation. The Giant Baba’s music, featuring two 8-string guitars and a drum set, forms a rich, impenetrable wall of sound. Their genre-blending melodies merge post-metal, prog-metal, djent, and fusion, immersing listeners in surreal, boundary-defying soundscapes. The intricate rhythms and complex harmonies reflect the chaos and fragmentation of the narrative. Haunting, atmospheric passages evoke a sense of impending doom. Each performance is an immersive experience, drawing audiences into a world where the only constant is change.

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In June 2018, the genesis of The Giant Baba occurred when Joe Ace (known as Giorgio Pierri), a skilled guitarist, composer, and graduate of the AFAM Conservatory of Music, joined forces with Jason Jackson, a guitarist, composer, and producer. Both Joe and Jason, deeply passionate about post-rock, metalcore, and experimental music, sought to craft a distinctive musical endeavor firmly rooted in the realms of progressive metal and djent.

Completing the ensemble was Sigfrido Percich, a multifaceted drummer renowned for his mastery of the instrument, having graced stages at prestigious international festivals such as Bang Your Head, Keep it True, and Veruno Prog with bands like Adramelch, Heart of Sun, VIII Strada, and Moon of Steel. Together, their vision was to harness the commanding presence of 8-string guitars, blending baritone and mid/high range tones, alongside a dynamic fusion of rhythmic jazz-rock and post-metal elements. The aim? To transport listeners on an odyssey through a musical abyss, propelling them into celestial realms where conventional notions of time, logic, and rules dissolve.

Their sonic palette, enriched by reverbs, delays, distortions, polyrhythms, and virtuosic performances, creates a tapestry of space and dreamcore sounds, guiding the audience through an interstellar voyage known as The Giant Baba. Following the success of their recent single, “The Extinction Awareness,” The Giant Baba is currently immersed in the creation of their debut album, slated for release in 2024.

Joe Ace – Guitar
Jason Jackson – Guitar
Sigfrido Percich – Drums


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