THE GOTHS release new video for the track “my best friend thinks he’s a vampire”

The Goths are a goth-pop duo formed in Australia in the late ’80s featuring singer-songwriters Johnny Stowmarries and Percy Blakeney. ‘My Best Friend Thinks He’s a Vampire’ is sung by Percy Blakeney, who is also The Goths bass player, and also the singer of ‘Crypt’ and ‘Raven’. ‘Werther’ is sung by Johnny Stowmarries, who is also The Goths guitar player and keyboard player. The band’s moniker, The Goths, is a
reference to the Gothic tale, a style of writing which tells tales that more often than not have a supernatural element to them or that fall into the category of the traditional ghost story, both of which were popular in the Victorian era. The Goths music is a blend of ambient, ethereal, baroque pop, as well as rock, with guitar, bass and drums, and evocative lyrics. The songs are a collaborative effort, as Johnny Stowmarries explains: “We both write the lyrics, while the songs and music initiates from the both of us. I will write an entire song in one go, melody, harmonies, vocals, guitars, lead and rhythm, keyboards, bass, drums, or else Percy will have something else a lot more planned and already devised, such as a bass part, with or without a chord structure in mind, and I will then add some guitars and so on. Percy’s vocals then tend to form around, or out of, that.