The Moor Interview

The Moor Interview

By Keith Clement

– Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you guys doing?


Hi guys! We are doing great, thank you for interviewing us!


– I had the chance to listen to your new single “Lead The Difference” it was so amazing musically and lyrically, great job guys, the new album is going to be fucking epic?


Glad you liked the song, thank you! There’s also a video out which is directed and shooted by us; we also have to thank the great mixing work made by producer Fredrik Nordström, the new album sounds killer and we are satisfied at 100% of the result.


– You guys have planned to bring some new guys in the new album especially Niklas from Dream Evil and Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquility, are you guys excited about this, what are some of the secrets you are still hiding from the fans 😀 ?


Yes very excited, we are a small band and having those guys in the album is just incredible since firstly we are huge fans of their works; well we have some other “secrets” that we will reveal soon, and of course the main things concerning the album like the cover artwork, the tracklist and the packages that we will offer!


– What have you made for the fans to experience new in the upcoming album from that of “Year Of The Hunger”?


The first phrase on the single “Lead the Difference” says “four years have passed and gone” so we are aware something has changed in the meantime, the songs and also the production sounds more powerful than ever and are more connected and inspired by our heavy, thrash, and death metal roots, with a lot of inspiration from other musical styles as well.

We worked a lot on the vocal parts as we always did but this time vocals were the main focus of the album, also the electronical parts and keys have now a solid role during the whole album, while you can always say that it sounds “The Moor”.


– What are some of the other plans for this year?


We are evaluating a couple of deals and planning the release of the album which is ready to be print, we are also talking with a PR to help us promoting it in the best way, so expect to see it coming shortly!


– The Moor must be new to some readers, would you like to share a few details about the band for them?


The band started back in 2010 from the ashes of another metal band called Bleed In Vain, which emerged from the underground thanks to a couple of albums back in the 2005-2008 period, we then released an EP that gave us acces to a deal with Lion Music and then our first album “Year Of The Hunger” saw the release in 2013, the year after we also released a song featuring Björn from Soilwork, called “The Castaway”, and now here we are after a sabbatical with the new album, video and single.


– What are some of the tour plans for this year?


Honestly we had never been such a touring act, we had the pleasure to hit some stages in the UK back in the days, but are always based in North Italy, which is pretty close to most of the summer festival and clubs around and that is where we aspire to play in the near future.

We ended up setting the band ready for the live a little bit late this year so we will start to book shows from September 2018, of course we are excited to bring the new songs on stage as soonest.


– Would you like to share a message for the fans and readers of the magazine?


Thank you for your time reading this guys! Be sure to check out our new video “Lead the Difference” and don’t forget to share it with your friends if you like, we need some support to keep this going the way we want it! Hope to meet you at our next concerts, feel free to drop us a line at also just for saying Hi! Cheers!

Enrico  The Moor

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement