The Original Desolation Angels Visual Identity, created by Robin Brancher.

The Original Desolation Angels Visual Identity, created by Robin Brancher. The Desolation Angels website and its many affiliated media sites will always be the home of the ORIGINAL Desolation Angels.

Desolation Angels Band Breakup In Brief:
Since last March 2020, Robin Brancher and Keith Sharp have parted company. The details of this split will come out in all their various narratives, explanations and most certainly in longwinded lopsided tales.

But sadly this split has brought deliberate infringement of copyright, copyright that obviously belongs to Robin Brancher! From now on all original Desolation Angels media (Including this website) will carry the ‘TM’ symbol to the logos that were created by Robin Brancher and represent the original Desolation Angels. For example, the winged horse with the scythe-wielding reaper, and of course the Desolation Angels type, curved Desolation and Angels tucked neatly in underneath.

Robin Brancher, original and founding member of the NWOBHM band Desolation Angels, is working in collaboration on nine new tracks to be released in the near future. (Details will appear here on this original Desolation Angels website) There may be a demo released to whet the appetite and to ready the new band for recording. “Rock ‘n’ Rolla” will be the new album title, below is a mockup of the likely front cover artwork to look out for.

Six of these tracks are totally new compositions, opuses that will transcend and go beyond any Desolation Angels output of recent years, or any future releases from Keith (Sharps) Desolation Angels. (Let’s get this straight, there is now a Keith’s Desolation Angels) Keith’s band are set to release the new “Burning Black” album (that incidentally includes eight compositions from Robin, plus the front cover artwork for Burning Black was designed and created by Robin) Two of the nine tracks on the Rock ‘n’ Rolla album will be reworked versions of tracks that Robin supplied to the band for the Burning Black recordings with Steve Grimmett in March 2020. Steve was heading up recording duties for Dissonance Productions to produce the new Desolation Angels album, of which Robin Brancher declined to take part in after the sacking of a new management team that in Robin’s opinion would have taken the band on to bigger and greater things. Robin was not consulted or pre-warned of the decision to sack the management team.

Another of the nine tracks to be included in the new album is a very strong song previously unreleased. This song was performed live when Desolation Angels relocated to Los Angeles, but that track never made it into the recording studio back then.

Robin is expected to be working with a variety of musicians for the recording but is also in the process of forming a new recording and touring band, of which rehearsals have been progressing well considering the short time the two musicians have been together. Band members, engineering, recording and production credits will be announced in due course. (If you think you are a competent and professionally minded drummer or bass player, then please do get in touch.)2020 and the best part of 2021 have been a huge setback for this band, and many others alike, but at last we are starting to get a grip on this pandemic and learning to live with it, control it in a way that for us musicians means we can again start to look at doing live shows again. This band, THE ‘ORIGINAL’ DESOLATION ANGELS will be working hard to get back out and gig once again.

All the best to you all and above all, stay safe.

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Robin Brancher is the designer, designer and creator of the original Desolation Angels visual identity. All logos, illustrations, and digital artworks are the sole copyright © property of the original owner.