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Defiant by The Other LA – Premiered on Spotify and All Streaming Platforms on June 21

The world may have broken, but it has always been that way for lead singer Aria and long time ally Mac Lee. After being held down and told to conform, they decided to hit back with their new release – “DEFIANT”. It is time to rail against ideas, people, authority figures and declare – I will not go silent, I am Defiant.

“Defiant” is a fast-paced track that opens with heavy tribal drums, setting a powerful tone. The song features a guttural yet ethereal vocal performance, expressing the raw emotion of breaking free. “Defiant” transcends their typical break-out anthem, “I’m Not Broken”, capturing the spirit of punk from the ’70s, the disaffected Gen X of the ’90s, and the resilient individuals of the 2020s. From the compelling hook “I won’t be silenced” to the liberating bridge “Set me free,” this song is designed to ignite passion and inspire fans to raise their fists and chant the anthemic line, “I am Defiant.”

The Other LA Tour Dates:

Friday, 7/5 in Franklin, OH @ JD Legends w/ Scotty Austin / Rehab
Saturday, 7/6 in Danville, KY @ The Nook w/ Scotty Austin / Rehab
Sunday, 7/7 in Park Hills, MO @ Park Hills Underground w/ Scotty Austin / Rehab
Thursday, 7/11 in Wheeling, WV @ Generations Pub w/ Scotty Austin / Rehab
Friday, 7/12 in Conneautville, PA @ Country Corner Inn w/ Scotty Austin / Rehab
Saturday, 7/13 in Virginia Beach, VA @ Scandals Live
Sunday, 7/14 in Raleigh, NC @ Bowstring Pizza & Brewyard w/ Scotty Austin / Rehab
Monday, 9/9 in Miami, FL Rockin The Magnifica Cruise
Tuesday, 9/10 in Miami, FL Rockin The Magnifica Cruise
Wednesday, 9/11 in Miami, FL Rockin The Magnifica Cruise
Thursday, 9/12 in Miami, FL Rockin The Magnifica Cruise
Friday, 9/13 in Miami, FL Rockin The Magnifica Cruise
Saturday, 9/14 in Satellite Beach, FL @ Wynfield’s w/ Scotty Austin
Sunday, 9/15 in Pompano Beach, FL @ Piper’s w/ Scotty Austin

The Other LA is a band on the verge of a metamorphosis. Their journey began in 1999, a time when the world was bracing for another collapse, and through the flow of time, a tiny hole into a converging universe opened. Originally from Louisiana, this four-piece band now calls Nashville home. They are evolving beyond the confines of rock and metal to forge a new sound that will draw in both fans and skeptics, leading them to a place of transcendence and ascendancy. Join the journey as Aria, with the support of fans, begins to fully understand the gift of Asperger’s.

The band has packed venues in Nashville, supporting acts like HalestormLacey Sturm, and Lacuna Coil. TOLA delivers a heavy-hitting, headline-worthy show, distinguished by their seemingly effortless ability to connect emotionally with any audience. Aria, the lead singer and songwriter, shares her journey of balancing Asperger’s and overcoming adversity through intimate lyrics and raw vocal performances, making The Other LA stand out in the music scene.

The Other LA:
ARIA – Vocals
Mac Lee – Bass / Brutals and Backing Vocals
Zack Chapmen – Drums
Charlie Thompson – Guitar

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