THE OVERCOMING PROJECT Unveils Visceral New Single ‘Overcoming’

Melbourne Metal Soloist Unveils Visceral New Single ‘Overcoming’

Melbourne soloist The Overcoming Project just released his visceral new single ‘Overcoming’ featuring world class metal musicians such as Mike Heller of Fear Factory, Jon Howard of Threat Signal and Sergei “Efes” Fomin of FS Projekt. This ferocious and impactful track stands as a powerful follow-up to their latest single ‘Determination’ and is a testament to the the artist’s mission to push metal to its upper limits and beyond. 

Featuring a relentless & ominous mix of death metal inspired riffage, spine shrinking breakdowns & fast paced grooves bolstering Howard’s dissonant growls, ‘Overcoming’ takes us inside the mind of its creator, Dr. Mike Trubetskov, and his personal journey navigating immigration, Doctorate degree, Type I Diabetes and discovering his passion for metal music production.

Dr. Trubetskov on the new release: “Overcoming” is a recipe of becoming a better person through brutal self-growth.”

Following a successful release of ‘Determination’, The Overcoming Project has been garnering coverage and airplay across the globe with features on Metalsucks, Bravewords, Heavy Mag, Rock N Loud Mag, Total Rock Radio & more. With the release of ‘Overcoming’ & more new music to follow, The Overcoming Project is sure to be revered by fans and critics across the nation.

‘Overcoming’ is out now via


“Featuring members of Fear Factory and Threat Signal, play emotionally-charged nu-core with an extra sheen of darkness that’ll have fans of acts like Tallah and DevilDriver chomping at the bit” – Metalsucks

“It is an epic rollercoaster of a track that perfectly captures the eclectic nature Trubetskov is striving for with his music.” – Heavy Mag

For Fans Of: Fear Factory, Meshuggah, Chimaira, Decapitated, Killswitch Engage


Drums by Mike Heller, Fear Factory
Vocals by Jon Howard, Threat Signal
Bass by Sergei “Efes” Fomin, FS Projekt
Songwriting, Guitars, Recording, Production & Mixing by Dr. Mike Trubetskov
Mastering by Tony Jack The Bear Mantz
Artwork & Video by Andy Pilkington
Photography by Dr. Mike Trubetskov