The Silent Wedding – ALBUM RELEASE: Ego Path

“Nothing happens, if it is not the right time to happen”

That said, The Silent Wedding a few months ago announced their new release entitled Ego Path and gave us a first sample with the releases of the tracks Time of Darkness & Caught in the Web!

Ego Path, has an ambiguous meaning– “selfishness” on one side and the journey of inner search and introspection on the other – it includes 12 tremendously great singles. The first track of the album, carries the identity of Silent Wedding, constitutes the link between the band’s previous album “Enigma Eternal”, connects the past with the present and continues the tradition that makes this band so special. Eternal dipoles – darkness and light, ostrichism and denial of responsibilities, deliberate avoidance or ignorance of conditions as they exist – just as they are given on the cover of the album.    

Heavy Metal, with melodic, progressive and power elements, everything is ready to unfold. Intensity and loud guitars, melodic lines, lyricism and flow. Personal sound that stays relevant and consistent and identifies exactly who they are. Direct and sincere, without exaggerations and tricks Ego Path is here to protect the band-listener dynamic. The deeper questions seem to be unavoidable and everything is focusedaround the journey for introspection.

The Silent Wedding is a melodic heavy metal band that was formed in 2008 and consists of Marios Karanastasis (Vocals), Jim Katsaros (Guitars & Samples), Giannis Thermos (Keyboards & Backing vocals), Giorgos Kritharis (Bass) and Renos Lialioutis (Drums & Percussion). They have released 3 LPs and an EP, receiving outstanding reviews from the press, blogs and radio stations around the world. They have shared the stage with legendary bands and artists, such as Saxon, Fates Warning, Firewind, Iced Earth, Epica, Annihilator, Warrel Dane and many more, while they have toured in Europe with bands such as Threshold, Maiden United and Voodoo Six.

Ego Path was recorded, mixed and mastered at Underground Music Studios by Jim Katsaros, artwork by Travis Smith (Seempieces), photo-shooting by Stella Mouzi and the Lyric Video was created by John Kaimakamis (The Nightwatchers). The album is self-released and is distributed by Dutch Music Works (EU) and Underground Music Studios (GR). General distributor for Greece and Cyprus Public Stores.


The Silent Wedding offer us an album full of metal melodies. Ego Path has it all. Modern sound, experiential stories that speak in the heart, excellent production and tracks that will be nailed in your mind! It is definitely a must listen album from a complete band. It’s worth taking the time to listen to it and get lost in his atmospheric sound. Fuzzy Hound (GR)

THE SILENT WEDDING has some wonderful songs to share. Songs that you would simply love, or they would simply haunt you. The sure thing is that you would find very difficult to take them out of your mind. Seriously.Forgotten-Scroll (GR)

Ego Path is already out!

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