The Spirit Take You On Another Trip To Space With New Video For “Laniakea”

After being forced to postpone their album release to April 29th due to vinyl delivery delays, Germany’s black/death metallers THE SPIRIT reveal another track of their upcoming “Of Clarity and Galactic Structures”.

Be prepared to leave this world for a short trip into space with this new instrumental track, which is the first song in the band’s history to include a synthesizer:

“I guess by now it’s obvious, that we have a passion for long instrumental sections in our songs as well as entirely instrumental songs”, singer and guitarist Matthias Trautes comments. “We wanted to give ‘Laniakea’ a spacy atmosphere that fits the title and which instrument would be better suited for this than a synthesizer? We are always careful that everything we do in the recording studio can also be performed live at our shows too, since using backing tracks from a laptop is out of question for us. So a sequencer was our instrument of choice, as I can operate it while I’m playing guitar at the same time. We’re looking forward to playing this one live, as this song has a lot of space for improvisations!”

Watch the new video for ‘Laniakea‘ here:

Several vinyl colors are already sold out, but you can still pre-order the remaining formats via this link:

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