THE THREE SUM release their new Punk Metal EP “Kingdom Fall”

THE THREE SUM release a sweaty mix of little horror stories and socio-critical anthems with their new Punk Metal EP “Kingdom Fall”

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Over the past few months, Swiss Punk ’n’ Roll band THE THREE SUM has been enthusiastically anticipating the release of their new EP “Kingdom Fall” featuring the exceptionally catchy singles “Coming After You”, “Long Live The King” and the title track along with the accompanying music videos. Finally, the time has come today, on 12/02/2022, and “Kingdom Fall” is released via Dr. Music Records. With wacky little horror stories and a dystopian mix of Punk Rock and Metal, the three musicians continue their foray in a scary road cruiser on the dusty asphalt of the international Rock ’n’ Roll highway. The sinister mood with just the right pinch of hot rod flair was musically perfected in the studio by producer Mack Schildknecht (China, Second Reign, All To Get Her). Then Grammy-nominated New York mastering specialist Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet Mastering (The Devil Wears Prada, New Found Glory, A Day To Remember) put the finishing touches on the record. Inspired by the never-ending trouble in the world, the music and lyrics of some songs take on almost political overtones, something that hasn’t been seen before in THE THREE SUM Rock ’n’ Roll universe. The five new songs manifest themselves on “Kingdom Fall” into a power-packed musical muscle car, with which the trio provides additional speed. Not only fans of bands such as Papa Roach, Asking Alexandria or A Day To Remember should get in and step on the gas with THE THREE SUM!

“Kingdom Fall”, with all five hard-hitting perfectly produced songs, is now available digitally as a download and stream as well as digipak CD at the following international record stores and will cause quite a stir in the Punk Metal scene. Order your copy right now here!

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THE THREE SUM can already look back on twelve eventful years of band history, in which the musicians Flavio Lamberti (vocals and bass), Pascal Artho (guitar) and Harry Müller (drums) initially thrilled their fans with classic 90s Pop Punk. With their debut album “With You”, brilliantly produced by Tarmo Simola, the trio based near Zurich made it 2016 into the official German college radio charts and then into the Top100 video charts with their second single “Friends”. The band opened the great Swiss Rock The Ring Festival a year earlier, sharing the stage with such acts as Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Alice Cooper and Billy Idol. With their 2019 EP “Nice Night For A Walk”, THE THREE SUM opened new horizons and changed from their debut album’s good mood sound á la Blink-182 to an explosive cocktail of Punk, Heavy Metal and Rock’ n’ Roll. Thanks to the ominous lyrics and ingenious cover artwork, the EP gave off the vibe of an archetypal B-horror movie and immediately landed on some of the major Rock playlists. Due to the pandemic, the Punk Rock musicians could not celebrate the success of this EP extensively on tour as planned and so they used the unwanted free time to produce “Kingdom Fall”. Inspired by all the events of the last years, the hard-hitting opener “Long Live The King” is about mighty people in many realms, from entertainment to politics, not always using their power to benefit the weaker ones but gaining even more control and influence. This song sticks with its damn catchy melodicore sound in the head and is not without reason the second single. In “Fade To Black”, the Swiss ask themselves why certain people and institutions constantly assume the right to determine what others have to believe and think and try to enforce it with all means. They threaten, they murder, they feed people misinformation and woe betide anyone who does not accept their lies and resists. THE THREE SUM have expressed their lack of understanding of this in “Fade To Black”. The first single, “Coming After You”, is the musical link between the EP and the evolution of their Punk ’n’ Roll sound on “Kingdom Fall”. As a horror movie fan, singer Flavio Lamberti likes to write songs on this subject because there are always great metaphors. The title song and, simultaneously, the third single “Kingdom Fall”, in turn, unites the stories of the previous songs for the finale. Imagine if there could be a world not dominated by lies, abuse of power, and a false messiah. That’s the kind of world everyone would secretly like to see. A little bit of anarchy? Maybe. Or maybe just the wish for some peace to finally return. But for that to happen, the old kingdom must fall so that this world can be reborn.

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