THE THREE SUM with their raucous new Punk ’n’ Roll single “Coming After You”

THE THREE SUM barrel down the fast lane in a fearsome road cruiser with their raucous new Punk ’n’ Roll single “Coming After You” chased by demons

© Photos Flavio Lamberti

Recently THE THREE SUM announced their partnership with Dr. Music Records for the EP “Kingdom Fall”, to be released on 12/02/2022. The Swiss are already barreling down the dusty asphalt of the international Rock ’n’ Roll highway with just the right pinch of hot rod flair in the scary road cruiser. The band has been attracting attention for a few years with their dystopian mix of Punk Rock and Metal along with wacky little horror stories and is now heading straight for the fast lane with their first single “Coming After You”, released today, on 08/18/2022. Singer and horror movie fan Flavio Lamberti lives out his dark fantasies in the lyrics and describes here an eerie creature roaming at night, which stands for the utterly indomitable personal demons of everyone in us. But the accompanying music video is not that frightening, as THE THREE SUM present their immense strength of energetic stage performance here. The new EP was recorded in collaboration with producer Mack Schildknecht (China, Second Reign, All To Get Her) and Grammy-nominated New York mastering specialist Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet Mastering (The Devil Wears Prada, New Found Glory, A Day To Remember) subsequently put the finishing touches on the record. The five new songs manifest themselves on “Kingdom Fall” into a power-packed musical muscle car with which the trio provides additional speed. “Coming After You” is the musical link between the EP and the evolution of their Punk ’n’ Roll sound on “Kingdom Fall”. So not only fans of bands such as Papa Roach, Asking Alexandra or A Day To Remember should check out the brand new well-oiled video clip for the single:

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THE THREE SUM can already look back on twelve eventful years of band history, in which the musicians Flavio Lamberti (vocals and bass), Pascal Artho (guitar) and Harry Müller (drums) initially thrilled their fans with classic 90s Pop Punk. With their debut album “With You”, brilliantly produced by Tarmo Simola, the trio based near Zurich made it 2016 into the official German college radio charts and then into the Top100 video charts with their second single “Friends”. The band opened the great Swiss Rock The Ring Festival a year earlier, sharing the stage with such acts as Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Alice Cooper and Billy Idol. With their 2019 EP “Nice Night For A Walk”, THE THREE SUM opened new horizons and changed from their debut album’s good mood sound á la Blink-182 to an explosive cocktail of Punk, Heavy Metal and Rock ’n’ Roll. Thanks to the ominous lyrics and ingenious cover artwork, the EP gave off the vibe of an archetypal B-horror movie and immediately landed on some of the major Rock playlists. Due to the pandemic, the Punk Rock musicians could not celebrate the success of this EP extensively on tour as planned and so they used the unwanted free time to produce “Kingdom Fall”.

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