THE WRING: Presents ‘Sorceress’ Lyric Video

Ontario Progressive Rock Project



‘Sorceress’ Lyric Video

Sorceress is an observation on every man’s devotion to his ‘queen’. A good man will do anything for her. The warrior is the metaphor, adding a small touch of macho hubris.

Marc Bonilla did an amazing job on the vocals, blending some spoken word with great melodies and harmonies. His performance smoothed out the quirkiness of the riffs making for a very interesting and connected final composition.”

“Sorceress” is a track taken from ‘Project Cipher’ album out via Wormholedeath worldwide.

“Project Cipher” is available on all digital platforms HERE

“If in the ’80s, Geddy decided to shun the synthesizer and Alex became a disciple of Dave Mustaine instead of Midge Ure, Rush might have sounded something like this. The album is 7 songs with one instrumental and 6 vocal tracks. It is a rock record with bits of proggy stuff hidden inside. The players are diverse and really complement each other and the overall vibe.” – The Wring

The Wring is a project  created  by guitarist Don Dewulf