Theogonia Records Unveils TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS’ Debut Album: “Macabre Ritual”!

Theogonia Records, the bastion of darkness and purveyor of extreme music is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated debut album from the Greek black metal powerhouse TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS. Prepare to descend into the depths of the abyss as “Macabre Ritual” is set to be unleashed on August 4th, 2023!

TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS, known for their unyielding intensity and uncompromising vision, has crafted a sonic opus that captures the essence of their infernal artistry. “Macabre Ritual” delves deep into the realm of satanism, anti-religion, death, darkness, and war, leaving no soul untouched by its malevolent power.

This monumental release will be available in both digital format and a striking jewel case CD edition, featuring a meticulously crafted 12-page booklet that transports listeners into the twisted realms envisioned by TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS. The artwork, a haunting representation of the macabre, perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere of the album, leaving an indelible impression upon the beholder.

With “Macabre Ritual“, TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS beckons the brave to immerse themselves in the abyss. This abyssal odyssey features eight unholy hymns that will cast a malevolent spell upon all who dare to listen. From the chilling and atmospheric depths of “Abyssal Cold Void” to the relentless assault of “The Burning Flood of Antichrist“, and the occultic incantations of “Inside the Medieval Crypt” each track immerses the listener in a macabre world of sinister rituals and sinister narratives.

With bass and vocals recorded at the renowned H12 Audio in Thessaloniki, and guitars recorded at the enigmatic “Dark Templar H/Studio” in Kalamata, the production quality of “Macabre Ritual” is a testament to the dedication and expertise that TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS brings to their craft.

Produced by Major and meticulously mixed and mastered at H12 Audio, the album emerges with an uncompromising sonic force, capturing every bone-chilling detail and enhancing the immersive experience. The collaboration between TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS and these studios has resulted in a meticulously crafted sonic journey that will envelop listeners in a world of darkness and despair.

Macabre Ritual” Tracklist:

1. Abyssal Cold Void (Intro)
2. The Burning Flood of Antichrist
3. Erasure of Religious Existence
4. In the Dungeons with the Rats
5. Ο Αρχιερεύς Των Λύκων (The Archpriest of the Wolves)
6. Inside the Medieval Crypt
7. The Kingdom of Hades
8. Macabre Ritual

The band has meticulously crafted this album to transport fans into a world consumed by darkness and despair. Theogonia Records’ manager expressed their excitement, stating, “We are honored to bring TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS‘ ‘Macabre Ritual‘ to the forefront of the black metal realm. This album is a testament to the band’s unwavering dedication to their craft, and we are confident that it will leave an indelible mark on the genre.

Prepare to bear witness to the unveiling of “Macabre Ritual” on August 4th, 2023, as TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS unleashes their wrath upon the world. Brace your soul for a harrowing exploration of black metal mastery, as the veil between worlds is torn asunder. Stay connected with Theogonia Records and TEMPLE OF KATHARSIS for more updates on this monumental release. Let the macabre dance begin!

Listen to the new single “The Burning Flood of Antichrist