This Month In Metal

Hey MetalHeads welcome to the second kick ass edition of our MetalHeads Forever magazine and to the second dose of my monthly colum.This month in metal we are going back to 1990 a year where lots of amazing albums were released in this month of October! so let’s get started with my picks of great albums that were released this month back in the day.

– Iron Maiden~No prayer for the dying was released October 1st of this year.
– Blind Guardian~Released there third album Crunchyroll on October 3rd of this year.
– Deep purple~Released there 13th studio album called Slaves and Masters on October 5th this year,and was the only album for them to feature former Rainbow lead singer Joe Lynn Turner.
– Testament~Souls of black (personal favourite) was released on October 9th of this year.
– Slayer~Seasons in the abyss (another personal fav) was released on October 9th of this year.
– Don Dokken~Lead singer of Dokken released his album titled Up from the Ashes on October 21st of this year.
– King Diamond~The Eye (personal favourite) was released on October 30th of this year.
– Lennon ~(box set) by John Lennon featuring many of Johns solo songs was released on October 30th of this year.
– Roxy Music~Released there 3rd live album Heart still Beating on October 30th this year,recording of there live french concert in Frejus in 1982.

Now lets take a look at what musicians celebrate there birthdays this month…


Oct 1st~Esa Holopainen (Amorphis,Chaosbreed)
Oct 1st~Nadja Peulen (Coal Chamber)
Oct 1st~David Wildbraham (Witchsorrow)
Oct 1st~Mikkel Sandager (Arch Enemy,Firesoul,Mercenary,One Machine)
Oct 1st~Wayne Fabra (Necrophagia,Crowbar)
Oct 2nd ~Laurentiu Popa (Trooper)
Oct 2nd~Leon Michael Sandow~(Nausea,Phobia,Dekapitator,Exhumed,Impaled)
Oct 2nd~James Danald *Jim* Root~(Stone Sour,Slipknot)
Oct 2nd~Ian Bearer(Rings of Saturn)
Oct 2nd~Karlos Medina(Evil Dead,Agent Steel,Holy Moses)
Oct 3rd~Philip Kyle Hall(Iron Reagan,Cannibas Corpse,Municipal Waste,Six Feet Under)
Oct 3rd~Thomas Lee Bass (Motley Crue,Methods Of Mayhem,Rob Zombie,Smashing Pumpkins)
Oct 3rd~Jason Hook (Five Ginger Death Punch,Alice Cooper)
Oct 3rd~Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust,Earthside)
Oct 4th~Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies)
Oct 4th~Konrad Ramotowski (Sabaton,Hate.Crionics,Strommoussheld)
Oct 4th~Adrian Kowanek (Decapitated,Atrophia Red Sun)
Oct 4th~Alex Holzwarth (Kamelot,Hexfire,Blind Guardian,Paradox,Avantasia,Rhapsody)
Oct 4th~Tyler Hawkins (The Kennedy Veil)
Oct 5th~Brian Johnson (AC/DC)
Oct 5th~Jardel Martins Paisante (ill Nino)
Oct 5th~Edward Clarke (Motorhead,Girlschool,Fastway,Zeus)
Oct 5th~Joakim Broden (Sabaton,Stormwind,Twilight Force,Wisdom,Pain)
Oct 6th~Nick Samios (Christfuck,Vomitchurch,Odin’s Court,Dark Deceiver)
Oct 6th~Peter Pichl (UFO,Running Wild,Victory)
Oct 6th~Anders Iwers (In Flames,Lacuna Coil,Mercury Tide,Cemetary,Avatarium)
Oct 6th~Tommy Stinson (Guns N Roses)
Oct 6th~Tarek Amr (Scarab)
Oct 7th~Waclaw Borowiec (Anal Stench,Abused Majesty,Cronics)
Oct 7th~Martin Koth (Hatred)
Oct 7th~Zander Richard Zoer (Delain.Nemesea,Leah,Secret Rule)
Oct 7th~Oliver Vaillancourt-Girard (Dark Omentia)
Oct 8th~Jost Kleinert (Lay Down Rotten,Sarx)
Oct 8th~Rob Polon (Monads,Fractured Sanity,Omega Centauri,Sanctus Nex)
Oct 8th~Spike Cassidy (D.R.I)
Oct 8th~Erna Siikavirta (Children Of Bodom,Lordi,Grain,Deathlike Silence,Bergrim)
Oct 8th~Sami Boman (Funeral,Silentium)
Oct 9th~Rob Thompson (Pegazus)
Oct 9th~Fabio Tordiglione (Tarja,Kamelot,Angra,Ghost Opera,Rhapsody Of Fire,Symmetry,Vexillum)
Oct 9th~Brian Blessed (Manowar,Pythia)
Oct 9th~Alejandro Ramierz “Al”Joourgensen (Ministry,Revolting Cocks,Acid House,Skinny Puppy,Coal Chamber,Prong)
Oct 9th~Francesco Guh Lu,Keeko (Gorgoroth,Setherial,Impiety,Divine Codex)
Oct 9th~Max Duhamel (Ex Deo,Kataklysm)
Oct 9th~Don Drakulich (Gwar)
Oct 9th~Simon Townshend (The Who)
Oct 10th~Rhys Fulber (Sybreed,Machine Head,Nailbomb,Fear Factory,Frontline Assembly)
Oct 10th~Lizzy Hale (Halestorm)
Oct 10th~Polyana Archangelska (blackthorn)
Oct 10th~Eric Martin (Mr.Big,Avantasia,Eric Martin Band)
Oct 10th~David Lee Roth (Van Halen)
Oct 11th~Ingfrid Stensland (The Sins Of thy Beloved)
Oct 11th~Petra Haden (Goatsnake)
Oct 11th~Denis Volynkin (Celestial Crown)
Oct 11th~Tony Moore (Riot)
Oct 12th~Ronnie Nyman ( Nightrage)
Oct 12th~Dave Vanian (The Damned)
Oct 12th~Jeff Keith (Telsa)
Oct 13th~Claudio Sechi (Icy Steel)
Oct 13th~Morten Sandager (Mercenary,Sinbreed)
Oct 13th~Fabian Gustavsson (Andromeda)
Oct 13th~Ruby Roque (WitchBreed)
Oct 13th~Samuel Roy “Sammy”Hagar (Chickenfoot,Van Halen,Alice Cooper)
Oct 13th~Joey Belladonna (Anthrax)
Oct 13th~Alan Cassidy (Abigial Williams,The Black Dahila Murder)
Oct 14th~Peter pete Alcorn (Alestorm)
Oct 14th~Daniel Mullback (Civil War,Sabaton)
Oct 14th~Jani Wilund (Katra)
Oct 15th~Norman Hegger (Witchbreed)
Oct 15th~Jyrki Pekka Emil Linninkivi (The 69 Eyes)
Oct 15th~Larrie Londin (Journey)
Oct 16th~Chad Gray (Hellyeah,Mudvayne)
Oct 16th~Tomas Lindberg (Grotesque,The Crown,At The Gates,Salem)
Oct 16th~Markus “Marc”Reincke~(Morgoth,Destruction)
Oct 16th~Ethan Luck~(Demon Hunter)
Oct 16th~Casey Grillo (Kamelot,Almah)
Oct 16th~John Mayer (Spinal Tap)
Oct 16th~Jean-Francois Dagenais (Kataklyam,Ex Dio)
Oct 17th~Janne Puurtinen (HIM)
Oct 17th~Jens Sonntag (Blood Red Angel)
Oct 17th~Marcin Nowak (Virgin Snatch,Vader,Behemoth,Semargl,Hexfire,Spinal Cord)
Oct 17th~Michael McKean (Spinal Tap)
Oct 17th~Allen West (Obituary,Massacre,Six Feet Under)
Oct 18th~Thomas Rune Anderson Orre (Dimmu Borgir,Dodheimsgard,Old Man’s Child)
Oct 18th~William Cox (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
Oct 18th~Tristian Shone (Cattle Decapitation,Falkirk,Author & Punisher)
Oct 18th~Daniel “Dan” Lilker (Anthrax,Soulfly,Autopsy,Dark Angel,Necro)
Oct 19th~Henri Sorvali (MoonSorrow,Finntroll,Crimfall,The Wicked)
Oct 19th~Joseph “Joe” Duplantier (Gojira,Car Bomb,Klone,Kruger)
Oct 20th~Steve Williams (Dragonforce,Power Quest,Eden’s Curse)
Oct 20th~Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer,Hate Eternal,Misery Index,All Will Fail)
Oct 20th~Jerome (Carnal Lust)
Oct 20th~Mike Fellows (Rites Of Spring)
Oct 20th~Fred Coury (Lynch Mob)
Oct 21st~Anna Poralupi (Tarja,Odyssea)
Oct 21st~John Connolly (Sevendust)
Oct 21st~Reno Hilligso Kiilerich (Hate Eternal,Vile,Dimmu Borgir)
Oct 21st~Peter Olsson (Europe)
Oct 21st~Nick Oliveri (Kyuss,Queens Of The Stoneage,Slash)
Oct 22nd~Vincent Hornsby (Sevendust)
Oct 22nd~Plot “Peter”Wlwczark (Vader,Sabaton,Panzer X,Crystal Viper)
Oct 22nd~Leslie West (The Who,Mountain,Ozzy Osbourne)
Oct 22nd~Mike Rochford (Ashes Of Eden)
Oct 23rd~Robert Trujillo (Suicidal Tendencies,Metallica,Ozzy Osbourne)
Oct 23rd~lain Huntley (Rapture)
Oct 23rd~Dale Crover (Melvins,Acid King,Nirvana,Eyehategod)
Oct 24th~Spiros Antoniou (Septicflesh,Astarte,The Devilworx)
Oct 24th~Rodrigo Oliveira (Mercury Rain,Korzus,Ancesttral)
Oct 24th~Dave Mc Clain (Sacred Reich,Machine Head,Murdercar)
Oct 25th~Glenn Raymond Tipton (Glenn Tipton,Judas Priest)
Oct 25th~Jon Anderson (King Crimson,Dream Theater)
Oct 25th~Alex Webster (Alas,Cannibal Corpse,Hate Eternal)
Oct 26th~Mikael Larsson ( Lake Of Tears)
Oct 26th~Tom Kelfer (Cinderella)
Oct 26th~Tommy Johansson (Sabaton)
Oct 27th~Max Lilja (Cradle Of Filth,Tarja,Stratovarlus)
Oct 27th~Lisa Johansson (Distorted,Grimfaith,Shadowgarden)
Oct 27th~Karsten Brill (Powerwolf)
Oct 28th~Nick Vasallo (Oblivion)
Oct 28th~Desmond Child (Alice Cooper)
Oct 29th~Frank Delgado (The Deftones)
Oct 29th~Steven Sweet (Warrant)
Oct 29th~Prika Amaral (Nervosa)
Oct 29th~Chanty Wunder (Kamelot)
Oct 29th~Simon Schillinger (Finsterforst)
Oct 30th~Chris Slade (AC/DC,Terra Nova)
Oct 30th~Daniel Zimmermann (Gamma Ray,Iron Savior,Freedom Call)
Oct 30th~Martin Henriksson (Dark Tranquility)
Oct 30th~Antonio Gio (Disaffected)
Oct 30th~Gavin Rossdale (Bush)
Oct 31st~Mitch Harris (Napalm Death,Menace,Goatlord)
Oct 31st~Mikkey Dee (King Diamond,Dokken,Motorhead)

That’s all for this month in metal for now, don’t forget to look out for it again next month,have a great halloween and remember stay metal \m/

by Rachel Amell “Metalheads forever magazine”