THOUGHTCRIME – Release New Single “Uprising” (Muse Cover)

US Metal band Thoughtcrime release new Single “Uprising” (Muse Cover).


Band comments:
We chose to cover “Uprising” by Muse because the lyrics embody everything we are about as a band pretty well. This song was actually the inspiration for us when we wrote “Not Anymore,” the first track off of our debut EP. The Muse version is great, but we think we were able to add our own flair to the song and take it to the next level.

THOUGHTCRIME is a metal band from Denver, Colorado. Their debut EP released in 2021, showcasing an original sound and uncompromising lyricism in an era of corporate-backed artists and creative bankruptcy.

Miguel Ruiz — Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Drew Cope — Vocals, Bass Guitar
Isaac Clark — Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Jeff Govert — Drums, Percussion