Thoughtcrimes Release “New Infinities”; Debut Album, Altered Pasts, Arrives Aug. 26




Aug. 3, 2022, LONG ISLAND – Thoughtcrimes, the ferocious Long Island based-band Revolver described as straddling “the line between hard rock and hardcore” and Kerrang!said of “while many modern bands seem to fight for a place within a specific genre, Thoughtcrimes appear to want them all at once,” have previewed an additional track from their forthcoming debut album, Altered Pasts (Aug. 26, Pure Noise Records), with today’s release of “New Infinities” (

“Our good friend Earl Maneein of Seven Suns is an absolute musical genius. This track was a complete accident as he came down to the studio to work on some of his arrangements with me on drums,” explains drummer Billy Rymer. We had every intention of doing so until we started jamming and wrote this song’s foundation almost entirely in one take. Rick heard the demo and urged for us to put it on the record. With Earl’s blessing, we made that happen. He and Jennifer DeVore performed all of the string arrangements for this and ‘Keyhole Romance.’ Hats off to our producer Mike Watts for nailing the mix on the first pass.”

Pre-orders for the 11-song collection, which include several limited-edition vinyl variants and a CD, can be found here:  The band recently released a frenetic, eye-popping video for “Keyhole Romance” (, a single Consequence described as a “raging storm of hardcore intensity,” and singer Rick Pepa said was influenced by “the anxiety of constant surveillance.”

Altered Pasts is the perfect soundtrack for the quasi-dystopian times we find ourselves in. At times an intensely savage listen, at times gracefully gentle, the songs flow together to create one of those rare records that takes you – literally, metaphorically, spiritually – on an actual journey. It’s an album that creates its own world, an alternative universe, a monochrome vision of reality where the air is heavy with despair and the weight of human existence. That’s conveyed with brutally violent, visceral explosions of noise such as “Panopticon,” “Dare I Say,” and “Deathbed Confessions” as well as through more elegant and hypnotic swirls of sound such as “New Infinities” and closer “Lunar Waves,” all propelled by singer Pepa’s cathartic and visceral vocals, guitar player’s Russ Savarese dynamism and the propulsive playing of bass player Cody Hosza – which don’t just match the dynamics of the music but elevate them. There’s also the spoken word track “Hai Un Accendino,” which features poet and Michael Clarity reading a poem he wrote specifically for the band as he found himself stuck in Vietnam at the very beginning of the pandemic. Sometimes, as on the monolithic and majestic “Deathbed Confessions,” those two extremes combine to create something that sounds like the slow-motion end of world and all existence, powerful and nuanced, soothing and terrifying, in equal measure.

The band plays a handful of live dates around album release:

September 7 Columbus, OH Ace of Cups
September 8 Baltimore, MD Ottobar
September 9 Amityville, NY Amityville Music Hall
September 10 Philadelphia, PA Kungfu Necktie

Tickets for all shows are available now.

Altered Pasts track list:

1.    Panopticon

2.    Mirror Glue

3.    Keyhole Romance

4.    New Infinities

5.    Altered Pasts

6.    Dare I Say

7.    Hai Un Accendino

8.    Conscience On Tilt

9.    The Drowning Man

10. Deathbed Confessions

11. Lunar Waves

Photo credit: Tom Flynn

About Thoughtcrimes

The brainchild of former Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer, Thoughtcrimes started as a bit of fun when he was home on Long Island in between Dillinger tours. After joining DEP he soon stopped playing guitar, because, as he puts it, he “had two of the craziest guitar players of all time playing alongside me.” There was, he thought, just no point. But his longtime friend and now Thoughtcrimes’ guitarist Brian Sullivan thought otherwise, and convinced Rymer that he should pick up the instrument again. In 2019, the band came to life with the additions of vocalist Rick Pepa, guitarist Russ Savarese and bassist Cody Hosza. Within a week they had recorded the four-song Tap Night EP and self-released it soon thereafter. The band, in partnership with Pure Noise Records, re-released the collection, with two additional tracks (“Wedlock Waltz,” and “Misery’s A Muse”) in late 2021. Praised by critics worldwide, the feral outfit have been dubbed “chaotic” (Brooklyn Vegan), “daring” (Kerrang!), and “uncompromising” (Consequence)