Thrashers INFRARED Focus In On Human Nature Through “Evil Ascent”

Thrashers Infrared Focus In On Human Nature Through “Evil Ascent” Off “From The Black Swamp”

New Album “From The Black Swamp” Out September 30th

L-R: Mike Forbes (Bass, Backing Vocals), Armin Kamal (Guitar, Vocals), Alain Groulx (Drums, Backing Vocals), Kirk Gidley (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Photo Credit by : Carissa Broeren

Infrared is true Canadian thrash metal, which initially started in 1986. After a hiatus, they emerged in 2014 and have put out a handful of albums since then. Their latest offering is the full-length “From the Black Swamp”, which will be released at the end of September. Ahead of this, they are unleashing their second single, “Evil Ascent” with a lyric video.

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The single “Evil Ascent” is about evildoers trying to brutalize people they feel superior to, again, both at a societal and an interpersonal level. This fast-paced song boasts a tense middle section and a catchy sing-along chorus. The band explains it in their own words:

“On the heels of the title track, “From the Black Swamp”, “Evil Ascent” highlights evildoers and the great lengths they go to wreak havoc on those they feel superior to. It is a creepy ride into the state of human nature in which narcissism reigns supreme. It is a focus on people with evil intent, where they will try to exploit, humiliate, and ultimately crush those around them all for their own selfish gain.”

The cohesiveness of the band is evident, they work together collaboratively bouncing ideas off each other and formulating their recognizable thrash. They start with a riff and with everyone’s input eventually cultivate a full song with lyrical themes about what they know and what they see happening around them and around the world.

Heavily influenced by the Big Four, Infrared plays classic 80s thrash with full-bodied, modern production. They have shared the stage with the likes of Anvil, Sacrifice, Razor, Venom Inc., and Dirkschneider and look forward to melting faces for their first show in over a year and a half in their hometown of Ottawa on November 27th at Mavericks.

Fast, and rowdy, Infrared brings back classic thrash suitable for fans of Metallica, Testament, and Megadeth.

“From the Black Swamp” will be released on September 30, 2021.

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Show Dates:
Nov 27 – Mavericks – Ottawa, ON w/ Enforcer, Thunderdome – info

Track Listing:
1. Tribal Junction – 4:49
2. No Master, No Gods – 4:39
3. Lockdown – 4:02
4. Left Lane F√₵K! – 4:19
5. Eat Your Own – 4:58
6. From the Black Swamp – 6:11
7. Evil Ascent – 5:22
8. Blood & Sweat – 5:04
9. Eternal Exile – 5:09
10. Tradimento – 4:31
11. Beautiful Death – 4:31
12. SemitaDomum – 6:32
Album Length: 1:00:13

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Kirk Gidley – Guitar
Alain Groulx – Drums
Mike Forbes – Bass
Armin Kamal – Vocals, Guitar

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If Infrared sounds like classic thrash metal, that’s because they are! And rightfully so since they were making music as teenagers in the mid to late 80s back when the Big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax) were just becoming famous. They literally lived and breathed that scene as it was happening and garnered national attention in Canada through their song and video for Thoughts Caught (in Between).

Then….life happened and members took different paths and the music, that was hot in the underground metal scene and loved by demo tape traders near and far, went dormant for 27 years! In 2014 Infrared reunited with 3 of the original 4 members (Kirk, Armin, and Alain), and since original bassist Shawn Thompson had moved to Miami, they recruited Mike Forbes. They worked hard to release their first full-length album, No Peace (2016), featuring songs written all those years ago. 2018 saw Infrared release their sophomore album, Saviours, featuring 8 new songs coming in at just over 50 minutes of music! That was followed up by their 2019 EP, Back to the Warehouse featuring the last of their 80’s written songs and released as a bridge to their next full-length album. Now, in 2021, Infrared release their most mature album yet, From the Black Swamp. The album features 12 songs for one hour of hard-hitting and emotionally charged songs steeped in the themes of betrayal and malicious sabotage in all walks of life, from societal to interpersonal. With several high-profile concerts under their belts including opening for Anvil, Sacrifice, Razor, Venom Inc., Dirkschneider, Flotsam and Jetsam, DBC, E-Force, and Atrophy, Infrared raises their horns and looks forward to getting out there to meet and befriend metal lovers everywhere!

2021 – From the Black Swamp – LP
2019 – Back to the Warehouse – EP
2018 – Saviours – LP
2016 – No Peace – LP
1986 – R.I.P. Demo

Shared Stage With:
Anvil, Flotsam and Jetsam, Udo Dirkshneider, Sacrifice, Varathron, DBC, E-Force, Vortex, Atrophy, Venom Inc.