THUNDERSPELL – Band releases cover and single name

After a while of expectation, the Brazilian heavy metal band THUNDERSPELL, releases the cover and the name of the first single, entitled Immortal Soul, it will be present on the new album THUNDERWARRIORS. The cover art was in charge of the Brazilian designer Getúlio Faria, who is also the author of the cover of the EP Power, Blood and Glory, released by the band in 2018. Immortal Soul is the first of two singles that the band intends to promote and that will before the release of THUNDERSPELL second official album.

The new album is being mixed in Los Angeles (USA) by the renowned Brazilian producer Adair Daufembach, a reference in terms of production and audio engineering, and will feature two special guests, one of which is Gerrit P. Mutz, vocalist of the German band Sacred Steel. “We are very excited, anxious and with excellent perspective on the release of this new album” said Leonardo Rodrigues, lead singer of THUNDERSPELL. Worldwide release forecast by MS METAL RECORDS for the second half of 2022.

– Hugowar: Guitar
– Leo Rodrigues: Vocals
– Bruno Gibson: Bass
– Nathan Carvalho: Drums – Bruno Tavares: Guitar

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