Toronto’s DEPLETED URANIUM Release Cathartic Single “Beta Particles” Off “Origins”
Track Premiere via NoCleanSinging

L-R – Corey (Bass), Nick (Drums), Murray (Guitar, Vocals), Babak (Vocals)
Photo Credit – Heather E. Wilson

Toronto’s Depleted Uranium are unleashing their next single “Beta Particles”. Lyrically, this song is about being socially marginalized and society’s aim to attempt to “cure” those who are different. The band continues to explain:

“It was born when we were starting to solidify in our songwriting and the process was fairly quick. The big transition in the middle was due to our 4-track recorder eating the tape of the first demo recording and when we listened back, it made the song. Once Blair (second guitar) joined, it was the song that began highlighting the simplified dual guitar harmonies. It’s a very focussed and aggressive song, both lyrically and musically. It sums up social marginalization and that the hot glow of anger upon the discovery of a wrong must be unleashed and justified, otherwise it will destroy you.”

Tackling real-life events like assimilation is something Depleted Uranium has been doing since they first got together over a decade ago. Their upcoming album “Origins” mainly consists of material from their early years, telling a history of who they are and where they come from.

“Origins” is a fast, aggressive journey with existential lyrics delivered with full throttle vocals, coupled with technical melodies and harmonies that bring you to your bad place. It is meant to obliterate negative energy and make life a better place as everyone has something to scream for or about.

Loud, fast, and aggressive, Depleted Uranium is recommended for fans of Charles Bronson, Orchid, and The Mars Volta.

“Beta Particles” can be heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

The album will be out on January 28, 2022 with the physical CD including an exclusive bonus track.
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First single – Alpha Particles – 

Track Listing:
1 – Depleted Uranium – 0:43
2 – The Tear and the Flood – 1:19
3 – Alpha Particles – 1:56
4 – Van Halen Radiation Belt – 1:16
5 – Beta Particles – 2:06
6 – Counter Balance – 3:01
7 – Deficiencies – 2:01
8 – Small Odds – 1:44
9 – Open Wound Diaries – 2:28
Digital Album Length: 16:39
10 – Percentages – 4:56 (BONUS TRACK ON CD ONLY)
CD Album Length: 21:35

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