Born in the city of São Paulo, Toth is a band that combines the weight of metal with new trends and subgenres, always approaching contemporary issues with intense reflection and a well-crafted instrumental language, striking riffs and guitar solos with influences from Metallica, proposing an emotional sound. Thinking precisely about this emotional side, on 09 december, they released the single and lyric video for “Fallen Enemy”, which featured Mi Vieira from the band Glória.

 Murilo Toth, the band’s creator, tells a little about the track: “This song is the debut song of band mates Matheus and Caio, it is the first unpublished release with them. The first song that Caio created his drum lines with the lines Matheus’ vocals. It can be said that it is the first song with the new lineup of Toth, and “Fallen Enemy” is a song that talks about burnout, about stress especially in these pandemic years. The internal struggle, the tiredness, the exhaustion, and it uses metaphors of war. We wanted to convey this idea of ​​war because you are fighting with these thoughts, with the daily struggle to get through your day even when you are super tired, so it leaves room for several interpretations. It could be us even, it could be someone who is exhausting us. The cool thing about this song is that we have the special participation of Mi Vieira from the band Glória”, concludes Murilo.

Listen on the main digital platforms:

Music / Single: Fallen Enemy

Composition: Murilo Toth and Matheus Oceans
Lyrics: Murilo Toth and Matheus Oceans
Mix and Master: Paulo Albino
Production: Toth and Paulo Albino
Additional Arrangements: Marcelo Santanna (AquaHertz)
Photos: Alec Braga
Lyric Video: Arthur Oceans


Disturbingly Good


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