TRANK Unleash Full Track-by-Track Of Debut Album “The Ropes”!

TRANK Unleash Full Track-by-Track Of Debut Album “The Ropes”!

French alt-metallers TRANK will release their debut full-length album “The Ropes” by the end of 2019. Just recently the band unveiled details on the meaning of title track, today we’ll learn more about all the songs. Read below the entire track-by-track.

About the title-track “THE ROPES” the band stated:

“It’s a fitting title for an album that’s about learning – and showing – the ropes about TRANK: this is how we sound, this is how we fight. But ‘The Ropes’ is also the title-song – and much like the rest of the album, it talks about the bonds of domination that tie all of us in so many ways, most of which we’re not really comfortable with, or even ready to acknowledge. The song is about the danger of escaping one form of tyranny to jump into the next one – whether it’s a party, a religion, a substance, or a relationship. The chorus goes “I will show you all the ropes – tell me if you mind the marks.” Meaning, be careful, you might think I’m setting you free, but I might just be offering a new set of shackles. We’re interested in the idea of how the individual can live and thrive in a crowd or a mass, in helping people open their eyes and ears and find a vision of the world in which they can fit, and belong, without losing themselves.”

Beyond ‘The Ropes’, the other songs that make up the first TRANK album explore this same theme of the “invisible bonds” – under every possible angle.

– ‘UNDRESS TO KILL’ is about the tyranny of one’s ego – and how it controls even supposed moments of liberation and sharing, like sex;
– ‘SHINING’, deals with social networks and the way that they create mutual addiction between voyeurs and consenting victims;
– ‘AGAIN’ is about slavish adoration for the myth of the “golden age”, an idealized past in which people in distress can easily find refuge in ;
– ‘IN TROUBLED TIMES’ is the practically-open confession of a manipulator – he could be a TV preacher or someone’s narcissistic lover, and he admits taking advantage of the distress of his victims, who knowingly, and in fact gratefully, submit their free will to his own, rather than facing the outside world;
– ‘FOREVER AND A DAY’ is the story of an affair seen from the point of view of addiction – to one another and filling one another’s existential void;
– ‘TAKE THE MONEY & RUN’ is about enslavement to this or that form of comfort, and how it stops so many people from chasing their dreams;
– ‘ILLUSTRATED GIRL’ is about a woman who’s had a tattoo done for every wrong she was done by hurtful men she depended on;
– ‘BEND OR BREAK’ is a domination story in which a “master” find themselves incapable of breaking a “slave”, and
– ‘CHROME (A prayer)’, which is an anthem to bikers and their spirit, or
– ‘THE ROAD’, its romantic road-trip sibling, both touch upon the desire for freedom and open spaces that all these ties, consciously or not, will end up fuelling. And closing instrumental
– ‘REFUGEE’ is about the endless cycle of misery that sees people cross seas and oceans on makeshift rafts : the track juxtaposes radio samples about boat people from 1977 and about migrants in the Mediterranean from today.

“The Ropes” album is fuelled by the energy and experience gained on arena stages, honed through hours of painstaking studio work. “The Ropes” is very much the essence of the TRANK sound and spirit.

More album details will be unveiled shortly, stay tuned!


TRANK are a fully independent band from France, whose unique brand of arena-friendly rock blends alt-metal and post punk influences into an emotionally charged, furiously contagious, richly powerful sound. Their independently produced 2018 – 2019 singles and videos got them the attention of such giants as Deep Purple, Anthrax, Papa Roach or Disturbed, who all offered them support slots – to overwhelming crowd response. The band are currently working on their debut full-length album, scheduled for release at the turn of 2020. More details will be unveiled shortly.

About TRANK’s sound.
A contagious, intense, raging brand of rough-as-rock introspection. Or, as they half-jokingly describe it, “like silicium : not metal, but just as hard.” TRANK want “to make you jump AND think at the same time” : their music blends infectious, propulsive, angry energy, with a more seasoned lyrical look upon life and its trials than you’d expect from a band that sounds this powerful. Their songs capture the sort of world-weariness, cynicism and empathy that only comes with living a little – before you song- write; but their sound brings those feelings to life with irresistible drive and cathartic flamboyance. A combination which very much defines their identity – between alternative metal and post-punk…. And has attracted attention from no less than Deep Purple, Anthrax, Papa Roach and Disturbed, all of whom have chosen TRANK as their opening act in major concert arenas across Europe.

Read below what DEEP PURPLE and ANTHRAX say about TRANK:

“If we started in the 21st century, our music would probably sound very similar to TRANK.” – (Deep Purple, 2018 – after choosing TRANK as their opening act)

“They don’t play metal, but what they play is very cool and metal fans will love it”. – (Anthrax’s management, 2018 – after choosing TRANK as their opening act)

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