TRUMBITEN Releases New EP “Untold” on all Streaming Platforms on June 30th

Trumbiten is a heavy rock, father and son duo from the northern part of Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle. The band formed in 2018 and the two write, record and produce their own heavy rock music.

Tommy is the songwriter, producer and plays the drums and bass. Adam is the architect behind some of the cool guitar and bass riffs.

”Our music is mainly within the heavy rock/metal genre and is inspired by bands like Metallica, Ghost etc.” says Tommy.

This album project was done in collaboration with Tanya Venom, guitarist and singer of the band Stormstress from Boston, who was a great complement to the heavy rock duo. She added her tone and touch to all three songs with her vocals and awesome rhythm, lead and solo guitar tracks. 

Berklee College of Music graduate and PRS Guitars Pulse Artist, Tanya Venom, is primarily known for her role as lead singer and guitarist for the all-female American heavy metal power trio, Stormstress. Tanya Venom is an award winning songwriter and performer and has had the pleasure of supporting artists such as Burning Witches, the Iron Maidens, and Cherie Currie of The Runaways. 

”The work started after Christmas 2021 and we have spent many hours during our spare time and weekends to finalize the tracks. Now we are excited and feel ready to release our fourth album on streaming media!” says Tommy.

“I had a blast recording the vocals and guitar tracks! The music rocks and the meaning behind the lyrics moved me.” says Tanya.

The EP ”Untold” that is dropping on June 30th includes the songs Untold, Fake and Pathfinder. 

Untold” is about stories never told and never listened to. It’s about people that, for different reasons, can’t, won’t or are not allowed to speak their mind and tell their stories. However, the song also conveys the strength and opportunities that may arise from telling and sharing an untold story. ”Inhale, exhale, who can I tell?”

Fake” is about standing up for oneself in situations of disrespect or when being treated badly. For example, when reaching out for help or support, in situations when being insecure or vulnerable, and being met with ignorance, disrespect and not being heard. “You say you care and that you fully understand. You play a role and do it well.”

Pathfinder” – As we walk through life, we see paths before us, and try to choose the paths that we believe are the best, based on what little we know about ourselves at the time.  Look ahead towards the spark of light and let the shadows of life fall behind and fade. Choose the path that we feel is right and not the paths that we think others want us to choose.” Find a way beyond today, Carry on, find the way. Don’t care what they say…”
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