Twisted Mist release “La Peste soit de ma Chair”

French Pagan Folk Metal band Twisted Mist release videoclip for “La Peste soit de ma Chair”, taken from their album “Orbios” (released last year on Music-Records).

Watch video here:

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Twisted Mist is a French Pagan Folk Metal band founded in 2014 in Reims. If at first, the formation included four musicians with the objective of composing technical death metal, it has been composed since 2016 of only two members: Olivier and Nicolas, Studio musicians.

With inspirations such as traditional medieval music such as pieces by Guillaume de Machaud, modern bands from the Folk scene such as Wardruna, and Metal music from Eluveitie, Corvus Corax and Sepultura, the band’s ambition is to merge genres by infusing them with a signature.

A collection of traditional instruments, including the hurdy-gurdy, the bombarde, the bouzouki, the lyre, a diatonic bone flute and medieval percussion, allows passionate musicians to perform their tracks and give recordings an authentic, artisanal sound.

The first two albums, “Mortui Vivos Docent” and “Le Brâme”, published respectively in 2017 and 2018 on Bandcamp, are albums composed for the most part of long instrumental pieces which translate an atmosphere which is sometimes mystical, sometimes warlike.

In 2020, after two years of preparation, it is the turn of the new album “Orbios”, the band’s most successful musical project, to see the light of day under the Music-Records label.

This is a decisive step for the formation, which here produces an album on our time on Earth and the notion of heritage.