One of my very favorite things to do in the music biz is search for talent. To find a band or artist that is brimming with insane talent very few people know about. Number on it gives me the chance to say I discovered them and it’s a easier goal to attain their souls for the Devil if I look powerful…….

Wait, did I type that out loud? Honestly I cannot even take credit for this one, Big Stacey D of Metal Coffee said “ Hey , I like this band!” and I said “ Go get em Tiger” and here we are. I normally do not pay attention to people when they say “ I like a band” Who has the time ? Am I right?  I’ve got souls to steal.

It took about 45 seconds into listening to these guys when I said Ive trained her well. Heavy , Groovy, fun and bouncy without the stampings of a record label, YET.

This where the Underground Spotlight is different than most spotlight pieces. I am not going to stroke my ego and use a bunch of un needed big words to tell you about the band. I am going to give you the info and call me crazy let YOU decide. Here is the info I do look forward to your opinions in my email box themetaltimes@gmail.com so I can share your thoughts with the band. And hey! Think you know some easy souls to steal…… I mean know a band worth my attention? Use the email and send me the info

Now lets cook some bacon!


Is a high energy metal/groove band from Charlotte NC. Founded in 2014.

Haymaker has proven to be a workhouse in the southeast music scene and a force to be wreckened with. All members of the band are original. We take pride in our live performance and our connection with our fans.


Vocalist- Tyler Wright

Bass Guitar- Brendan Tuthill

Guitar-  Drew Delaney

Guitar- Mike Malone

Drums- Josh Owens

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