US HC/metalcore DIY heroes Johnny Booth release new single/video

US HC/metalcore DIY heroes Johnny Booth release new single / video

‘Deepfake’ out out now

US hardcore/metalcore DIY heroes Johnny Booth have released new single / video ‘Deepfake’, a punishing no frills 2 minutes 54 seconds that serves as a pummelling introduction to one of the most intense bands of 2021.

Premiered in the US via Sirius XM, check out the video to ‘Deepfake’ here:

Fusing the technicality and finesse of modern metal with the visceral power and melodic aggression of hardcore, Johnny Booth have firmly carved out their own niche, winning over thousands of fans across the US. Since the release of their critically acclaimed album Firsthand Accounts, Johnny Booth have been championed by Sirius XM Radio, who have given them a ‘featured artist spotlight’ numerous times, and Metal Injection declared them ‘one of the best kept secrets’. 

Over 2021 Johnny Booth have been growing their fanbase exponentially, with their Spotify listeners exceeding 43k, which is made all the more impressive as the band are 100% DIY. 

‘Deepfake’ follows the band’s previous single ‘Crowd Confrol’, watch the video here:  

Now established as one of the most exciting forces in US metal, Johnny Booth are preparing to bring their sound to the UK/ Europe. More news soon.

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