US Rock Phenomenon Dakar Signs With Epictronic

US Rock Phenomenon Dakar Signs With Epictronic, Set to Reissue Album “Say It Again” Worldwide

Epictronic Records is excited to announce the signing of US rock sensation Dakar. The band and the label have joined forces for the reissue of Dakar’s critically acclaimed album “Say It Again,” which is scheduled for release on October 10th, 2023.

True to their name, Dakar represents the spirit of American rock from Duval County, Florida. Founded by talented musicians David Benfield, Darrell Edmunds, and Luke Jean in 2019, Dakar has quickly risen to prominence with their distinctive sound that they describe as “analog rock for a digital world.” With a blend of 90s guitar-driven alternative hard rock, indie, punk, modern, and southern rock influences, Dakar’s music captivates audiences with its raw energy and unapologetic style.

Following the success of their EPs, “Come and Get It” in 2020 and “Over the Line” in 2021, Dakar gained widespread acclaim for their raucous dystopian cautionary title track, “Over the Line,” a powerful combination of overdriven classic rock guitars and ferocious vocals. The band’s musical evolution and their passion for crafting authentic and powerful compositions set them apart in the competitive rock scene.

Their debut full-length album, “Say It Again,” was recorded at Friends of Friends studio in Jax under the skilled guidance of engineer Brok Mendes. The band poured their heart and soul into the nine-month-long production process, resulting in an album that showcases their collective talent, dedication, and growth as musicians.

“Dakar,” as the band explains, holds several meanings, but the one closest to their hearts is derived from the Senegalese local Wolof word, meaning “whoever settles here will be in peace.” This sentiment resonates with the band’s mission to create music that connects with listeners on a deeper level, offering solace and strength in an increasingly complex world.

Band’s lineup:

David Benfield| Vocal/Guitar
Darrell Edmunds| Vocals/Guitar
Alejandro Soto| Bass
Luke Jean| Drums

Fans can connect with the band through their website and social media platforms:

1. Not Gonna Be Your Sucka
2. Chase Scene
3. Say It Again
4. Over The Line
5. Come and Get It
6. Ronnie Jean
7. Clutches
8. Grab Your Reigns
9. Reason
10. Animal
11. Projection
12. Escape From New York
13. Empire Dreams