In this age of dictators, corruption, poverty, disease and war there is more need than ever for a strong voice with a strong message – preferably one armed with riffs sharp enough to cut through the political obfuscation and the bullshit of the profiteers. What better time for the return of Utilitarian with their second album of politically charged extreme metal and hardcore punk? The UK’s most outspoken and uncompromising band are back and it’s time to wake up and listen!

Since the 2020 release of their driven, dynamic debut album, Fight War Not Wars, Destroy Power Not People, Utilitarian have been a constant presence on the UK’s underground music scene with a series of singles and EPs, all of which combined their high power, speedball music and heartfelt, passionate words of revolution. However, it’s a second full length album that fans have been waiting for and now it’s here. Gaslights delivers fourteen tracks of raging crossover, packed with irresistible hooks, thrilling riffs and unstoppable attitude. Kicking off with the unequivocal ‘Break Their Teeth’ Utilitarian proceed to deliver blow after blow to those who live for profit, bathe in the blood of innocents and fuel the fires of hatred between us. With guest appearances from Ol Drake (Evile) and Andy Whale (ex-Bolt Thrower, ex- Memoriam) that add an extra dimension to the Utilitarian powerhouse sound, Gaslights is the most devastating and direct release the band have delivered to date.Gaslights will be released on April 7th as a digital download with accompanying book which features lyrics and full explanations of the band’s aims and message. The book will be the only physical product produced in association with Gaslights, the band choosing to avoid the environmental damage that can be caused by vinyl and CD production. This album is both an exciting explosion of extreme music and an important wakeup call to the downtrodden majority of our society. This is the sound of unity and an all out assault on the towers of the elite that were built with the bones of our dead.

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