VENTED premiere new song “Vitriolic”

The international groove metal supergroup have premiered their brand new song’s called ‘Vitriolic” which will appear on their forthcoming full-length debut album “Cruelty And Corruption”.

The band’s vocalist Sean Zatorsky had the following to say about that song:
“This is by far one of my favorite songs from the record. It’s about a hatred for someone, or something, that lives within the depths of your soul. Nothing says hate like spewing, seething, vitriol!”

Then songwriter guitarist Greg Hajer continues:
“Basically, the songwriting for the whole record was quite instinctive, but the this song came together super quickly. When we finished the pre-production for this song, we asked each other: ‘Dude, isn’t this like a hidden Slipknot track from their first two records?’. Then Joey Jordison joined Vented… The rest is history.”

The band’s debut album “Cruelty And Corruption” is slated for a December 16th release date under the wings of Records and is available for pre-order worldwide:


  1. I Am Death
  2. Flawless
  3. The End Game
  4. My Desire
  5. Vitriolic
  6. Requiem For Myself
  7. Withered
  8. A New Trend
  9. The Darkness
  10. Vigil
  11. In Question
  12. Self Destruct
  13. Zero
  14. Final Hour (Bonus track)

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