Vigils // Release debut post-hardcore EP ‘Spinning’ out

Vigils // Release debut post-hardcore EP ‘Spinning’ out

French Post-Hardcore band Vigils unveil their striking debut EP Spinning. The group showcase mastery of the post-hardcore rock genre with hard-hitting tracks like “Spinning” and “Grinning,” which were released as singles earlier this year. The rest of the EP shows a new side of Vigils, with heart-wrenching pop-punk ballads like “F.B.T.W.,” “Bleak,” and “Stallion.”

Their previously released singles and their accompanying music videos already have 33k cumulative views on Youtube. These tracks feature aggressive growling guitars and an impassioned, diverse hardcore vocal that jumps from screeching to snarling to a gentle and emotional whisper. Their first Youtube video, a hardcore rendition of Melanie Martinez’s pop song “Pity Party,” has racked up nearly 48k views.

The international five-piece was formed in 2017 between New York, Los Angeles, and Biarritz. The band is comprised of vocalist Gil Catalano, bassist Romain Brois, and Guitarists Enzo Aldasoro, Shura, and Yann Marchadour. With three guitarists, Vigils brings a stand-out heavy and multi-layered guitar sound.

Vigils’ latest release, “Grinning” packed a creepy punch with its October video premiere with Alt Press. Catalano’s intense, screaming vocals are the perfect soundtrack to the spine-chilling, dystopian music video. Guitarist Enzo Alsadoro explained to Alt Press, “It’s about realizing that [the] person you were so broken over wasn’t worth the energy you put in or the pain you were feeling.”

The video, filmed by Robyn August, makes a powerful statement about the effects of addiction and media in society. “Through this music video, we wanted to talk about the influence of the media on our lifestyle, our way of consuming and some problems of addiction,” Aldasoro told Alt Press. “The music video clearly shows a person in distress who falls under the influence of the media, and his life becomes only worse.”

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