Vulcano ‘Eye In Hell’ Album Review

Vulcano ‘Eye In Hell’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Mighty Music/Thrash Metal

As a band, Vulcano have never hit the dizzy heights of their fellow countrymen Sepultura or had the love that Sarcófago gained; but Vulcano have consistently delivered albums of thrash metal that may not be the best; but are strong enough to have earned the band a huge cult status. It doesn’t seem two minutes since the Brazilian thrashers released ‘XIV’ back in 2016, but this year has Vulcano returning with ‘Eye In Hell’.

Nobody will be surprised here that with ‘Eye In Hell’ no moulds are broken and there are no shocks. Vulcano deliver another album of solid thrash metal that continues to take in aspects of classic death as well as blackened thrash that fans of fellow Brazilian stalwarts such as Holocausto and Mystifier and even beyond the borders of Brazil with the likes of Nifelheim and Possessed will enjoy. There is no denying the raw power driving behind this album; this helps create a buzz around this ‘Eye In Hell’ that fans will find difficult to not be pulled in by as tracks like ‘Bride of Satan’, ‘Devil Bloody Banquet’ and ‘Cursed Babylon’ smash through the speakers like an Amazonian logging juggernaut.

Sure, this album isn’t exactly memorable once the music fades out, but that does not take away the enjoyability that occurs whilst playing and that is where the magic lies with ‘Eye In Hell’

Rating : 60/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann