We All Need our Guardians….Right Now – An Interview with August Burns Red

We All Need our Guardians….Right Now

An Interview with Jake Luhrs of


By Keith Clement – Editor In Chief

The Metalcore band from Lancaster, Pensylvania, August burns red, was formed in 2003, since then they have got themselves a fanbase around the world and been giving amazing albums and songs throughout. In this episode of our Interview, I was talking with Jake the lead vocalist about their new album Guardians which was released on April 3. Lets hear from the most amazing Jake Luhrs.

Hello Jake, How are you today, I’m Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine?

Hey man, going well, pretty busy doing a lot of videos and working on our social media pages, today we released our new single from our record “Guardians” named “Paramount”, been receiving good comments so far, I’m feeling good about it.

As you have released a new track “Paramount” can you tell me about it?

I think it has overall messenger like sound, fans appreciate and love it, we have put a lot of effort into it. In my point of view we have given a different point of dynamics vocally, it about a lot of things to do with our current situation now, where everyone is struggling to stay positive you know. That we  have the strength and have the choice, we don’t have to believe in the news or social media, we should not be manipulated as people we can overcome this, actually the release of this track is about the whole album, we initially thought of postponing, but this album really got something great in the music industry and so we kept it for the release.

Check out the Video Below for “Paramount”

Your 9th Studio Album Guardians is set to release on April 3rd,  Can you tell us about the writing process and production behind it?

Yeah, I think one of the biggest thing about is the collaboration, it’s my way or the highway and its collaborated on a high level, we definitely enjoyed the process, we make sure that we were having fun, its not “hey lets go do a record”, we still love what we do and thankful for living our dreams. 15 years later it is important to grow and stand as musicians, we take it serious and we do it as its our career and its our business,  if you take away the fun from it, it takes away the creativity from it. Its like a Metaphor, a body and two hands against one hand, like we worked as a body in the studio together.

Guardians sound like the apt album for this time in hard times the world is facing, we need our guardians to protect us?

Yeah definitely, the title behind guardians is more so about we are talking about people, we are talking about me, you and everyone as guardians for someone,we can be someone who can protect someone, nurture someone, you know show some loving towards them, that’s kind of message on the record  and its fitting just correct right now, we need to support the elderly and disabled ones, those are the people who need our help and support now, we are in a situation where their life is at stake, Guardians is a message of action to our fans and music industry to go out and be a guardian for someone.

The Individual who save the day acts like a guardian, tell me about this phrase and how it goes with the album?

Yeah overall that is the record is all about, encourage people, this record speak to lots of perspectives.

Spending a whole year inside the production of the album means a lot of hard work, how do you feel about the outcome?

I feel great, I feel good, lot of interviews previously, I didn’t speak highly about it, it all depends on fans, as a band each album is greater than the other, but end results come from how it has taken an impact on the fans.

“We made a deal with the devil, disguised as help. We made a deal with the devil, should’ve trusted ourselves.” Can you tell me about it?

It’s a person that took advantage of us, it happens quite often, someone looking to rob and take from you. Deep down inside they are not, we just used it as a metaphor in to say hey, we made a really poor decision here, sucking us dry.

People going through things differently all the time, the lyric content whatever it means to them as helping and supportive to them.

One of the successful band over the years, how has the journey been for you guys?

Its been amazing, it has ups and downs, anything that is worth fighting for and we’ve been able to grace each other, its been a great journey altogether and with these guys its amazing, life growing together, so much the band has thought us, gone to 50 countries, sold fifty million copies with great recording label, got great crew,15 years together, we’ve been very blessed, got great things, it takes a lot of work.

What are your thoughts on the current situation the world is facing, do you think it’s the end of the world?

No, I don’t think it’s the end of the world, I think its only the season of pain and suffering for mankind. I think by end of this thing and pray for is unity, community ,love, forgiveness, grace understanding, patience, kindness, gentleness, put aside our religious beliefs, political views, color of our skins, who i’m in love with, what I’ve done, lets put it all aside, Hey! How can I help you, or how can I love you, you know at least smile and respect one another, because the beautiful thing from this evil experience of this situation is the fact that every single human being in the earth is feeling the same fear, the same anxiety the same doubt right,the same anger, the same hurt, so after its all done, when you go anywhere on earth, mankind can do a lot, we can do a lot with understanding and empathy, if you really want it, that its your  decision as a human, we just choose each other than our personal selfish views

Has anyone said that your songs had made a huge change in their lives?

Honestly there are so many, that’s one reason our fans loves us, we’ve been transparent and authentic and genuine and those things can get you very far as an artist, that’s what make one beautiful when someone’s genuine, that’s why it attracts people, you know when you are yourself and it can relate to yourself cause we are all  very similar, whether we want to admit that or not and that’s why the lyrical content, the anger or the sadness, you know whatever it be it connects with our fan, and they take the lyrics and take it to a special place in their heart and its speaks to them because they let it,  they give us the authority to us to speak to their hearts because they trust us, because they respect us and some love us, when you have that, its very important that you respect that, from the things we sent out to the world through our message in our our albums and songs, it has done a great deal of help feeling, encouragement for our fan base, that’s why we are here and that is the one reason we are able to continue to do this and that is our dream and that we enjoy.

What has been the best moments for you?

Oh Boy, Playing summer breeze in Germany, there were more than 50,000 people and that was only one stage and everyone was watching us, really really amazing moment, I’m very thankful for that opportunity and I guess I think just having my band mates for each other and being part of being on the road, our boys accept me for who i’m, that’s amazing, that’s being the acceptance these guys has given me

Do you have a message for the fans?

Try to get the truth as much as possible, stay positive, do thinks that will bring joy, don’t have any negative thoughts like this is the end of the world or we all gonna die. Let fear take control, we can’t find the future, lets do, lets be smart, lets make rational decisions, lets do what we are born and created to do, that is to love one another and love ourselves, that’s something we all can do as mankind, lets love our neighbors and love everyone and stay positive, and Guardians will definitely be an encouragement.

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