Whiteabbey release second album: Volume Two

Whiteabbey release second album: Volume Two. Female-fronted power metal from Northern Europe

Whiteabbey is delighted to present their second full-length album entitled Volume Two, featuring nine new slabs of female-fronted metal. As with the previous album, it draws on a wide spectrum of influences, ranging from power and symphonic metal, to more traditional metal sources. It will be released on all platforms worldwide on 4th November 2022.

Whiteabbey is the brainchild of Northern Irish guitarist and producer Steve Moore (Stormzone, Fireland), and features the very special talents of Tamara Bouwhuis (Dim Crimson) from The Netherlands on vocals, Stevie McLaughlin (Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens’, Sandstone) on lead guitar and vocals, and Ruddiger Spree (Fireland) on drums.

About the songs

Swan recounts the tale of a failed relationship and the ensuing aftermath. Tragic and uplifting in equal measure, it was inspired by the story of an actual swan named Stephen that came to an unfortunate end in a Belfast park, after a series of even more unfortunate events. The parallels with the aforementioned relationship weren’t exactly, well, parallel, but the direction of travel was roughly similar. At least there’s a happy ending… right?

Who will defend the vulnerable and the weak against those that try to do them harm? Hear her name, for it is Guardian.

It’s a freezing winter night, outside there’s a blizzard that’s making everything look like a black and white movie. Sounds pretty bad already, right? Now, imagine there’s hordes of vampires trying to kill you as well! And not the awesome Lost Boys vampires, we’re talking about those pale hairless ones with the black eyes. Angels paints a bleak picture of being overrun by something terrible.

There’s a theme running through a few tracks on the album, perhaps a consequence of the circumstances under which the songs came together. The power ballad on the album, Wish, tries to express the feeling that although you don’t want to go back, you still want to feel like you tried and at best, aren’t the only one to blame. Two sides of the same story, poles apart but identical nonetheless.

Our future is shaped by our past actions, so if someone knows the things we’ve done, can they predict what we’re going to do? Shadows takes that idea and puts it in a fairground fortune teller setting. A frightening idea in more ways than one.

Everyone has encountered the type of person that is described in Wicked – everything is a problem, effort is minimal, promises are always broken, punctuality is terrible… You’re probably picturing someone right now. Well, this song is for them.

How amazing would it be to believe that you’ll see everyone again in the next life? It may be wishful thinking, but in these topsy-turvy times, it’s nice to dream. Maybe Heaven is where your mind is at in your final moments, a glorious instant that lasts forever in an infinity of firing synapses.

Some people never really get over the trauma of a broken relationship, and who is the only one to blame? You. Well, not you who is reading this. Although maybe it is…

Take That released the absolutely stunning track Rule The World in 2007 and right then, we knew it needed a power metal cover version. It has been a long time in the making, but finally, here it is.



The Band

Tamara Bouwhuis – vocals
Stevie McLaughlin – vocals, lead guitar
Steve Moore – guitars, bass